Author: Marcus Andersson

  • How much does marketing cost?

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    Marketing can cost as much as you like and as little as you like. It all depends on what goals and what ambitions you have. Then it is also about what types of marketing efforts you want to implement.Many companies can set aside a percentage of sales on marketing and then it is up to […]
  • What is digital marketing?

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    Digital marketing is a strategy that consists of a mix of content marketing, SEO, video, SEM, PPC (paid advertising), social media, etc and is used to be able to reach a company’s marketing goals. With the help of digital marketing, your company has the opportunity to create more business, build a brand, work with employee […]
  • How to create an effective marketing plan

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    You write an effective marketing plan by creating a document that is continuously updated, clear and easy to understand. The plan should be practical to use and can be compressed into one page, clear as to whom it is addressing, with a clear message and as a platform for the parts that are relevant to […]
  • What is Word-of-Mouth (WoM)?

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    Word-of-mouth (WoM) in business is about someone that you know or know of telling you about, for example, a fantastic company or a service that is great. Privately, it may be that a friend has been to a wonderful restaurant and therefore recommends you go and eat there. Why then do we recommend others about […]
  • What is SEM?

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. In this blog post, we will go through what this really means for digital marketing and how you can use SEM to succeed in achieving your marketing goals.  SEM – Search Engine Marketing When it comes to SEM today, most people refer to Google Ads. Google Ads is Google’s […]
  • How much does SEO cost?

    In February 2021 By Marcus Andersson
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and just as it sounds, it is about optimizing activities on primarily your own website to end up as high in the search results as possible. The biggest search engine is Google and therefore it is often said that SEO is about getting high up in the results on […]
  • What is the Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

    In January 2018 By Marcus Andersson
    You might wonder what hats have to do with SEO, but if you have a website or a blog and try your best to get a high ranking in the search engines, you will sooner or later hear about White Hat and Black Hat SEO. White Hat and Black Hat SEO is about the strategies […]

    In October 2017 By Marcus Andersson
    Focusing on your core business is the easiest way to stay ahead of your competition.  Contitude removes the main barriers for companies who are looking to freeing up time for their employees or replacing their current, and often costly, local suppliers. Simply put, Contitude eliminates both the uncertainty of hiring unknown freelancers, and time consuming task […]