Author: Philip Otter

  • 12 successful B2B sales tips!

    In March 2021 By Philip Otter
    Sales (in my opinion) is the most fun, challenging, developing and most important job of all. A salesperson is something that everyone can become. In most cases, completely without education. This is also why there is a large number of salespeople out there, but few who actually succeed. When it comes to selling services and […]
  • What You Need to Do Before a Conference

    In January 2018 By Philip Otter
    A conference is a great exposure opportunity for your brand and new products, and for creating new contacts, getting inspired, and of course, to sell. The key to a successful conference is to come well-prepared. These are a couple of tips and tricks to keep in mind if you want to stand out in the […]
  • Marketing Managers: How Do You Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Budget? This Article Shows You The Way.

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    Optimize your company’s marketing with outsourcing. Outsourcing is not a new concept in Sweden, and there are many benefits of outsourcing some or all of your marketing to freelancers. External experts (freelancers) can add important skills that the company’s own employees lack or don’t have the time for. If handled correctly, it can also mean lower […]
  • 5 Reasons to Invest in Inbound Marketing

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing tool that focuses on boosting your sales figures by making you more available to your customers. There are many benefits of this kind of marketing, and we have made a list of the best reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in Inbound Marketing.  Invest fully on […]
  • Hiring a Generalist or a Specialist to Your Marketing Department?

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    What does the perfect marketing department look like?  The question of whether you should focus on generalists who are pretty good at most tasks or specialists with unique skills is a constant dilemma when developing a marketing department. To solve this dilemma, you first need to ask yourself what your marketing department needs to be good […]
  • Why Copy and Content is Important for Your Marketing

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    As you have probably noticed, a lot has changed in our digital world. All new media channels create a flood of messages and ads, causing changes in consumer behaviour.  They have stopped acting as passive receivers of information and instead take care of their buyer’s journey on their own. They know what they want and […]
  • How to Succeed with Inbound Marketing without Spending a Fortune

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    The digital revolution has meant a lot of changes, not least in our consumer patterns, and when purchasing behaviours change, marketing and sales also need to change.  Today’s consumers avoid traditional marketing and take care of their buyer’s journey on their own. They know what they want, and they know how to get the information […]
  • Is Your Marketing Department Often Experiencing Overload?

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    Is your marketing department stressed for time? It’s not surprising.  Technology is always moving forwards, and the way we work is too. New services, tools, and channels means longer task lists for the marketing department. This creates a lot of stress when the amount of available hours is still the same. More and new tasks also mean […]
  • How to Get Rid of Stress and Avoid Burnout

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    Do you feel unusually tired? While still feeling restless? Do you suffer from insomnia or feel irritable and unfocused; do you feel that your body is aching? You might be on the path to burning out.  These are the first signs that the cogs in your machinery are starting to malfunction due to stress. Demands […]
  • The Next Big Innovation! This Will Surprise You… or Maybe Not!?

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    There is always a lot to see when you’re watching TV or when scrolling through your feed on social media, but one thing is still pretty rare – vulnerability and transparency. There is no shortage of people who do their best to be seen, to market their business, to create interest and to sell, but […]
  • How to Use Video to Spread Your Message

    In October 2017 By Philip Otter
    HERE ARE 5 TYPES OF VIDEO YOU CAN IMPLEMENT IN YOUR VIDEO MARKETING! Video marketing has proven to be very effective. There are all kinds of perspectives and styles to choose from, and all of them can be customized to fit your budget. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular video types to […]