2 quick writing tips for better content!

For the sake of unusualness, we will keep this blog post short. We present two quick tips on how to communicate more effectively.

Even the best writers sometimes appreciate tips to streamline their writing. More often than not, the target audience also appreciates an efficient and good reading experience.

Or maybe you're just starting out as a writer and want to learn how to get started quickly and well and offer your readers a smooth reading experience.

With all the noise out there, our ability to concentrate is diminishing. This also means that readers have less and less space to consume content.

Are you writing for an audience that consumes content very quickly? Then these tips are likely to be appreciated by you and your readers.

Tip 1: Use short and simple words.

Everyone loves to sound smart, but your audience will leave your site, blog, etc. if they don't understand what you're writing. Nobody wants to feel stupid, so don't encourage your audience to stop consuming your content by filling it with lots of unnecessarily difficult words.It won't be a great reading experience if they have to leave your website to look up the meaning of a word.Short words are easy to absorb. Long or unfamiliar words slow readers down, causing them to skip important points or stop reading the content altogether.Save your amazing vocabulary for the next round of Wordfeud and use simple words in your content.Even experienced readers of complex topics appreciate when it's written in an accessible way.


Tip 2: Use short and direct sentences.

Those who also like to consume short words also like short and direct sentences.

According to studies, almost all readers understand a sentence in less than eight words. 90% of all readers could understand sentences between 9 and 14 words.

As the words increased, the understanding of the content also decreased. When the sentences became about 40 words, only 10% understood what the content was about.That said - don't write too long sentences.


Remember to make it as easy as possible for your readers to take in your information. Express yourself in a simple way. But that's also the challenge.

Explaining something complex is difficult, but the winners are those who explain something complex in a simple way. When more people understand what you are doing, your message will spread more easily.

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