5 tips for creating engaging content

If you've found this article, you've probably already read up on digital marketing and realised that engaging content on your website is extremely important.Once you've created good, engaging content (the first part of an inbound marketing strategy), you need to get the engaging content so that visitors stay and engage with your business. Engaging content and engaging content don't have to be different types of content, they can be the same blog post, but there are some important elements that need to be included.

Doesn't have to be expensive with engaging content

Writing engaging content doesn't have to be expensive, it can even be cheap. If you identify good topics, and think through what keywords you want to include, it doesn't have to take long to get the lines of text you need down. If time is an issue, you can always outsource the copy to an agency, which doesn't have to be expensive if you have a good specification. The important thing is to get started! Hopefully this blog post will give you the opportunity to get started today.

In this blog post, we'll give 5 tips on how to get started creating engaging content that will make your content stand out and hopefully generate engagement. Plus an extra tip.- Involve your readers- Be data-driven- Include graphics, images or videos- Keep it short and simple- Keep the focus- Extra tip: Finish big!

Involve your readers

it goes without saying that if you want to write engaging copy, it's important to involve your readers and not just regurgitate information.An easy way to do this is to write directly to the person you want to read the content. Regardless of how you have defined your target audience, the reader is a person and you as a writer should speak directly to the reader. Ideally, if you can make the reader feel that you understand the person's problem and really feel involved in the article or blog post. Asking questions makes the reader think and makes the text feel more like a discussion rather than an informative lesson.The tip is to try to find problems that you share with your readers and answer your own questions and you will see clearly for yourself if it is an engaging and rewarding text.

Become data-driven

You've probably already started writing some content as part of a content marketing strategy and there are some articles or blog posts you've already published on your blog/website, so you already have a good foundation for becoming data-driven and finding engaging content from there. Just look at the stats! Which posts got the most readers and got the most stays? By going through these texts, you will find a good basis for what kind of content will engage your visitors.

Include a graphic, image or video

For social media and SEO purposes alone, there should be at least one image for each blog post/article. Publishing engaging content without any type of graphics, images or videos often becomes heavy for the reader to get through and feels downright boring.To ensure that readers take in the information in the best way, it is important to have other elements than just text as all people take in information in different ways. It also makes for more unique content that is easier to remember.Studies also show that graphics, images or videos increase the desire to read your content and therefore create more engagement. According to a study by Hubspot, coloured visual content increases interest in reading texts by 80%!

Keep it short and simple

According to a Statistc Brain report, only 28% of 593 words on a web page are read on average. This means it's incredibly important to choose your words correctly and provide the information you want quickly.As online readers don't have the same patience to read articles online as they do to read a book, it's important to keep your content down enough so that the reader doesn't give up. At the same time, it needs to be long enough to captivate and hold a common thread; trying to stick to short sentences, paragraphs and paragraphs helps.

Stay focused

On the same track as point 4, you want the reader to stay. Therefore, stick to the topic you set. Having a little agenda at the beginning of the blog can also help to get the reader to follow the red thread and know what to expect.Just stick to the main topic!

Extra tip: Finish big

Make sure you get the most out of your engaging content and use the last few lines to sum up the overall idea. Do what you can to make it memorable and be a bit cheeky so that the reader reads the whole post and gets engaged.

Start creating engaging content today!

We hope these quick tips will help you get started creating really great engaging content for your website/blog. As Audrey Hepburn said "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"Curious to learn more about how engaging content is the foundation of a successful inbound marketing strategy, read our post "Do Inbound Marketing Tools Need to Implement a Digital Strategy? "Download your content planning template here!

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