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Backlinks are an important factor in connection with SEO and there is a lot of debate about how you should go about getting more backlinks. In this blog post, we will go through how you can work with backlinks in a good way.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link to your page from an external domain. An example of a backlink is that we at would link to This link will be found by search engines and then rank higher.

How do backlinks affect your SEO?

When Google started, the basic idea was to find all the links on the internet and then rank the pages with the most and best backlinks at the top of the search engine results based on that. The point was that a page that others refer to is a reliable source. A backlink from .gov domains was then weighted higher than .se domains, for example. Based on the number of backlinks and how good those backlinks were, each domain got a ranking and each page got a ranking based on that.

As SEO agencies became aware of this, they started to put it into practice and exploit it by building link farms where the sole purpose was to provide backlinks to different domains. Google adjusted this in one of their updates and they have become much better at identifying rogue links and penalising websites that use what they consider to be unauthorised SEO strategies.

Search engines have also become smarter and smarter when it comes to indexing on more than just backlinks. What is most valuable today is good content that search engines have also become good at interpreting and identifying, but backlinks can still have a big impact on your SEO efforts.

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Black hat and White hat SEO

The use of unauthorised methods of SEO is known as black hat SEO and includes purchased backlinks and links from link farms. White hat SEO is a Google-approved method of working with SEO.Many people associate backlinks with black hat SEO and there is reason for this as many of the strategies used to gain backlinks are unauthorised but just because you work with backlinks does not mean it is black hat SEO.

Organic backlinks

The absolute best way to get a backlink is if it is completely organic. Getting a backlink organically means that some website simply links to your domain without you having been in contact with that website. If you have good content on your website that gets spread around, you will most likely get organic backlinks. Working on getting organic backlinks can take a lot of time and in many cases requires a bit of luck. The right person should read your content and find it so interesting that they want to link to your content on their own website.

Searching backlinks

One way to actively work with backlinks is what we call outreach backlinks. Here you can influence the number of backlinks by finding content on other websites that you like but that may not be as in-depth as the content you have created on the same topic. Then you can send them an email telling them that it would be a good idea to link to your article because it could add to their user experience.If you write a lot of content yourself and have a good domain ranking, you will have received these emails for yourself.They might look like this:

Hi Marcus,My name is XXX, from XXXX. I'm reaching out because we have a brand new article on Content Marketing: reason for my email is because I have found your page your content is great, and was wondering if you would have a look at my article, and maybe give me some feedback?If you like it as much as I do, and believe it will bring valuable content to your site... Would you consider linking to my article?Hope to hear from you soon!Best

It is a friendly email with a request and not a requirement. These attempts at backlinks actually produce results and if you have really good content you will definitely get backlinks. Everyone wants to provide the best user experience possible for their visitors and deeper content does that.

Guest blogging to get backlinks

One way to get backlinks that is really good is also to guest blog. This is when you write content that gets published on a website other than your own. There you can write content that you know is good for the website where you are a guest writer and also put in a good backlink.To be a successful guest writer you need to write good content that gives value to the website you will be a guest writer on. That's why sales copy isn't so good, it's all about creating value.There are many people looking for guest writers for their websites and if you don't know anyone who is looking for guest writers, the tip is to send an email to a website where you think you can add value by being a guest writer. It may be a good idea to have already written your article and showcased it before you get in touch to ask to be a guest writer. This will make it easier for those on the other side to quickly decide whether it is worth publishing your article.

Backlinks through comments and replies

Another way to actively work with backlinks is to write comments on other people's articles. Most blogs have open comment fields that allow you to comment on their articles. The important thing here is that you write serious, well-thought-out comments and link to articles that are relevant to the topic and enhance the visitor's experience. If you only include a link in a comment, it is likely to be deleted immediately. Important to remember here is also that some do not allow dofollow links in comment fields.If you have heard of Quora, this is also a good way to get backlinks. By writing good answers to questions and good links you will be able to get good backlinks and also very good traffic from other sources.


Actively working to get backlinks can yield great SEO results. It is important to use white hat methods when working on backlinks so that you don't risk being penalised by search engines.There are several good ways to work on backlinks;

  • Searching backlinks
  • Be a guest writer
  • Commenting and answering questions in other people's material

The absolute best way to get backlinks is organically, but it's hard to influence. Then it's just a matter of writing really good content and making sure it gets to the right audience who want to share your content.Want help working with backlinks and SEO? Then you should contact us at Contitude.Book an appointment directly with us via the link below.Book an appointment with Contitude

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