5 quick tips - write blog posts the best way!

Testing things you do in digital marketing is always important. Here we test how our shortest blog post performed. This blog post is all about blog posts and our 5 tips on how to write a blog post in the best way.

1. Feel free to write blog posts longer than 500 words. If the blog post is shorter, search engines will not find it as easy to index the blog post in an optimal way.

2. Always have a purpose for your blog post. If you don't, you're driving traffic to your website without having a purpose for how you're going to receive visitors and convert them into leads.

3. Stay on topic. Ideally, you want someone reading your blog post to stick around and read everything on your website or blog about the topic.

4. Feel free to complement your texts with images and moving media.

5. Always think of one or more of your most important keywords when writing your blog post and try to use that word or those words as much as possible and that fit in well in your texts.

If you take into account these short and simple tips above, your texts will most likely perform well in search engines etc. and you will generate more leads and possible business.

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