How do I get my ads to rank higher in the search engines?

Many people are struggling with their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and for the top spot in the noise of ads in the search engine feeds. But how does one actually manage to reach the front page and be top ranked by the search engines. Is it just a matter of how much budget you have or are there other ways for you to reach the first page? The answer is no it is not just about budget there are other ways to rank high by search engines. Certainly your ad budget has an impact but it's not everything!

What are the other factors that make an ad rank high or not by the search engines?

Relevance of the ad

An important factor is the relevance of the ad. I'll give you an example to make it easier to understand. Say you want to find a vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm. You use a search engine to find a vegetarian restaurant more easily.

  • You'll see an ad with the headline "Vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm" followed by a text telling you what kind of vegetarian food they serve and where the restaurant is located. It contains exactly the kind of information you want to know when you do this kind of search.
  • The second ad you see is titled "Restaurant Stockholm" and is a list of different restaurants in Stockholm and their ranking. The second ad does not contain any information about the restaurants serving vegetarian food or similar. The ad is not interpreted as being as relevant to you as the previous one and is therefore placed a little lower down than the first one.
  • The third advertisement has the title "Vegetarian food in Stockholm" but they seem to be a catering company. Something that is not at all relevant to this search

The landing page needs to be relevant too

How do search engines decide what is relevant or not? They take into account the so-called target page - the page that I end up on if I click on the ad. The landing page therefore needs to be as relevant as the ad is to the keyword. The aim of search engines is to provide the most relevant information possible to the person looking for information. To encourage advertisers to create relevant information, they reward relevant ads with high rankings.

"Even if you and your competitors have the same advertising budget, you can get more traffic to your site if you create relevant information."

Structure your campaigns

Structure your SEM campaigns to show the most relevant ads to your customers. Review your account that you have created with Google Ads, Bing Ads or similar search engine. You create a campaign that in turn contains ad groups with ads linked to combinations of keywords.

When you structure your ad account, potential customers will find it easier to find the ads that are relevant to them. Imagine you own a vegetarian restaurant and you specialise in vegetarian food, catering and you also offer wine tastings. These three areas contain different products/services and I would therefore advise you to divide them into different campaigns. Each campaign is then divided into groups. For example, under the wine tasting campaign, you could divide it into the ad groups white wine, red wine and champagne. For example, in the champagne tasting group, you can add keywords such as "champagne tasting", "Champagne tips" and "Champagne tasting in Stockholm". So if someone searches with the keyword champagne tasting, your ad will be relevant to that particular search.

In conclusion, it is important to have a well thought-out and clear structure for your SEM campaigns, no matter what your company offers. You create the structure by dividing the products/services into campaigns with ad groups.

Good luck with your ads!


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