How much does SEO cost?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and just as it sounds, it is about optimizing activities on primarily your own website to end up as high in the search results as possible. The biggest search engine is Google and therefore it is often said that SEO is about getting high up in the results on Google but SEO is about optimizing for all search engines. 

SEO is one of the most common services that Contitude delivers and therefore we often come across the question of how much it costs. In this post, we outline the different parts of SEO, what they cost and tips on what to think about.

What factors affect SEO?

To understand what SEO costs, we need to understand what affects search results in search engines. Search engines aim to always provide the absolute best answer to the question being asked. Therefore, relevant content will always be rewarded in search engines. With the incredible volume of content published on the internet, it is almost impossible for anyone to go through and assess its relevance. Instead, it is a complicated algorithm that ranks and goes through all the content available on the internet. For that reason, more than just good and relevant content is required. Algorithms, even if they include a certain amount of AI, need help interpreting the content of a website.

When an algorithm reads a website, they see this:


While we see this:

how much does seo cost

Therefore, in addition to producing fantastic content, SEO is also about helping search engines interpret and decipher the content that is available. It is usually called technical SEO.

The last part of SEO that affects one’s rankings is backlinks. Backlinks are, simply described, the links from external pages that “point” to your website. The reason why backlinks are important is because Google to some extent measures relevance through backlinks. That is, the more pages that link to another page, the better and more credible the page is.

To be able to answer the question of what SEO costs, we therefore need to answer what content costs, what technical SEO costs and what backlinks cost.

How much does text content cost?

Content can be text, image, sound, video, etc. But for SEO purposes, text is usually the most primary. Video and audio are becoming more common, often in combination with text to meet visitors on the website in the way that is best suited to the visitor and their needs. In addition, search engine algorithms have become much better at interpreting and indexing video and audio.

The most common way to optimize content for SEO is through blog posts, articles or landing pages. The pricing for getting a blog post written differs between different companies and writers. Some charge per word, some per hour and some charge a fixed price without specifying the number of words or hours. If you hire a marketing agency or an SEO agency, the prices are usually somewhere between SEK 2 000 – 10 000 per article, which corresponds to 800-1 000 words.

What is worth mentioning is that it differs a lot depending on the type of content you want. SEO content is usually not that complex and is cheaper than writing a debate article on a news site. However, the complexity of the business or the topic you want to write about can affect how much preparation that is required.

Pricing for digital advertising

What does technical SEO cost?

Technical SEO is about more than the actual content that affects the ranking. In short, it’s about what happens behind the scenes on the website. By working with technical SEO, you help search engines such as Google to find content on the site easier. In technical SEO, you work with page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, internal linking, alt texts, etc. 

Pricing varies between different SEO companies and sometimes it can be difficult to understand what you are paying for and how the pricing works. Technical SEO is often invoiced as a lump sum or included in a monthly sum, so it is difficult to know what each activity costs and to get a good indication of what technical SEO costs.

If it is specified, you can instead often see how many hours have been spent on each activity and thus get an approximate hourly rate. The hourly rates for technical SEO are usually between SEK 700 – 2 000 per hour. Just like for content, there are hourly prices outside the range, but the majority is within that range.

google seo

What does backlinks cost?

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your website. Important to mention when it comes to backlinks is so-called black hat SEO where it is, among other things, about working with backlinks in a wrong way so search engines then can penalize your content. Here you can read Google’s rules about backlinks.

But there are several ways to work with backlinks in a good way e.g. guest blog or write articles for different interests etc. Here are some tips to help you get started with backlinks. Another important factor to keep track of is do-follow and no-follow links. It is also beneficial if the page that links back to you has a higher domain ranking than what your page has.

If you are going to buy a service that helps you get backlinks, it is therefore important that you check that the work is done correctly and take these factors into account.

Pricing for backlinks is also variable and prices can range from SEK 1 000 – 50 000 per backlink.

Get started with SEO Search Console

What is your goal and ambitions with SEO?

SEO is not a standardized product or service, even if each individual activity is relatively standardized, working with SEO is about your ambitions and goals. The cost depends on a number of different factors where your business goal and starting point play a very big role.

The point here is that, as with many other things, the cost of SEO is relative and will not be the same as for your neighbor’s business.

As always with SEO, you should be aware that it is a long-term job and therefore you should make sure that you work continuously regardless of whether you focus on content, technical SEO or backlinks.

seo cost

Allocation of resources between content, technical SEO and backlinks

To find out what SEO will cost, you need to understand the relative impact of the different parts of SEO. What the exact allocation of resources should be can be difficult to see as the search engines’ algorithms are not public, but the basic idea is, as previously mentioned, that a search engine should provide as relevant answers as possible to questions that are asked. Therefore, in our opinion, at Contitude, content is the most important thing in SEO work. It is also the most logical starting point as it does not matter that you have optimized your technical SEO or backlinks if there is no content to do it for.

The allocation of resources according to Contitude is 70% content, 30% technical SEO. Backlinks can come organically.

SEO does not have to cost anything

SEO, despite this long article, is not that complicated and something that anyone can manage to work with. Everyone can write or produce content and everyone can learn the basics of technical SEO and how backlinks work. However, it is time consuming and the cost of SEO in this case will be the time you put in. Therefore, many take the help of agencies or engage colleagues who work actively with SEO.


SEO consists of several parts; content, technical SEO and backlinks. The cost of these parts differs a lot among both agencies and freelancers. To get an indication of what SEO costs, you can calculate as follows:

Content: Article of 800-1000 words = 2 000 – 10 000 SEK

Technical SEO: Hourly rate = 800 – 2 000 SEK / hour

Backlinks: Per backlink: 1 000 – 50 000 SEK

The allocation of resources should be about 70% content and 30% technical SEO and backlinks.

At Contitude we have SEO packages where we clearly state our prices. The same goes for our content packages.

When it comes to the scope of SEO work, it is all about your business goal and starting point. This means that it always differs from company to company how much it will cost to achieve the same result.

Feel free to book a meeting with us if you want to discuss strategies and prices for each package or activity.

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