How do I create attractive content in the form of text?

Creating attractive content in the form of text

Today, almost all shopping trips start with a search on one of the search engines. In order for a potential customer to find you when they are out looking for answers, you need to have written and published something about this on your website. If not, no one who is looking will find you.You've probably heard of the term "content marketing" which is a big part of the digital marketing that businesses are doing today. If not, content marketing is about developing attractive and engaging communication materials that are strategically disseminated across appropriate channels (e.g. blogs and social media). The English term for content marketing is content marketing.

The biggest challenge we hear from clients is; - how do I create attractive and engaging content in a time and cost effective way? It seems that most people are short on both time and inspiration to produce engaging content in a good way, so in this blog post we will give you lots of great tips and tricks to then pull off the input production.

How do I create attractive content in the form of text?

 Here are some tips to keep in mind when producing attractive content in the form of text.

Tip 1: The first step is to find different themes to write about. Contitude's tip there is to talk to the sales department and customer service to gain insight into the needs, challenges and problems customers are facing. From these, you'll develop 3-4 different themes that you can then build on. For example, a theme could be "How can I improve the working environment in the office?"

Tip 2: Which keywords do you want to focus on? What keywords do your potential customers use when they search via search engines? Use Google Trends to see which keywords are used in your industry. Use a maximum of 2-3 keywords per blog post and keep in mind that the selected keywords should not exceed 1% of the total words in a post. To avoid the impression that you are using the same word several times, you can use synonyms for the word, which Google just likes.

Tip 3: Also consider how a potential customer searches in the form of longtail, i.e. long search terms such as "What are the best ergonomic office chairs?" because today we ask Google questions when we are out looking for our answers.

Tip 4: A post should be at least 1000 words and preferably more than 2000 words. Search engines like long texts with relevant information. These texts are ranked higher than short texts because they take longer to read. This is because Google sees how long a person has been reading a page and the longer a person stays on the page, the more relevant Google thinks that page is. Therefore, the texts you write must be both long and engaging so that the person wants to read on.

Tip 5: Also think about writing texts that educate and give the recipient good value. Again, want to read salesy texts that just scream buy, buy, buy! Always think in terms of the customer's situation and write texts that help them make the right decision. We see that companies that offer a lot of knowledge also succeed in their sales.

Tip 6: Start by publishing one post a week on your blog and also publish these on your social media channels if possible. Then you will have 52 blog posts on your blog which is really good. If this is not possible try to aim for one blog post a month.

Tip 7: Try to involve everyone in this strategy of producing content that helps your customers. After all, it would be gold if one person in each department of your company wrote a blog post every month. For example, a sales person writes about how they help their customers succeed and someone in delivery writes about how important it is to communicate with customers regularly for the best results. This way, everyone feels part of this incredibly important strategy. Then, when you publish a blog post, make sure all employees like and share the post on social media for optimal distribution. Because we forget how much marketing power there is among employees.

Tip 8: Last but certainly not least. Don't forget to measure the results (you can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console) so that you can see which blog post is performing best, which keywords are getting hits and then write more posts with that focus.

 Producing engaging and attractive text-based content that also generates good SEO doesn't have to be that difficult or cost that much if there is a content plan and a high level of commitment.

These are a few tips for those who want to get started with creating attractive texts that show up in search engine results. If you feel you don't have the time to write yourself or that local content agencies cost too much, we at Contitude can help. We've combined really sharp global writers with local digital marketing strategists to deliver really good quality, quickly and at a competitive price.

Good luck with your content production!

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