How to create good content?

Content marketing requires you to produce content, but can you produce just any content? The simple answer is no. It has to be relevant to the recipient and create some kind of value for the reader. In many cases, content marketing means working in a journalistic way and starting from the reader to create interesting and relevant content for the person or people who read your content.

Content can be created in the form of text, film, audio and events such as seminars and webinars. So which medium best suits your audience? Below are some tips on how to create relevant and valuable content for your target audience.

  1. Start from the target audience/readerYouneed to know who is in your target audience and what it looks like to begin with. Once you know who your target audience is, you need to find out what they are interested in. Are they interested in your company? Well, most likely they are not interested in knowing more about the company itself, they are interested in how you solve their challenges.You make yourself interesting and relevant to your target audience by presenting solutions, offering knowledge and other people's experiences around the same challenges your target audience has. If you show yourself to be knowledgeable in this area, they will soon realise that you know your stuff and see you as an expert in your field.
  2. Share good practiceYourtarget audience is most likely to face a range of challenges. By showing how others have solved these challenges, you can help them in their efforts to find solutions to these challenges. If one of your customers can tell you how they solved one of their problems with your help, that's a much more credible source of information than if you yourself say you can solve this or that challenge they have.
  3. Build trust through different perspectivesSkip thesales pitch and highlight your customers' experiences of your products and services. Focus on the customer's own problems for which you can show possible solutions. Feel free to use different perspectives/solutions and show even those who think differently. Sincerely wanting to help your target audience solve their challenges is the key. Help the target audience by referring to other sources so that they can easily get a complete picture of their problem area.
  4. Make it easy and clear to followWe'refed so much information these days, it's important to quickly capture your audience with a clear title that tells them what to expect from your content. Starting with a summary of your content can also be a good idea to help your audience quickly understand if it's worth continuing to read or if the content wasn't what they intended at all. Furthermore, it is recommended to use many paragraphs and bulleted lists (if the content is a text) to make it easy to follow. Finally, wrap up with an additional summary text.
  5. Share what you see and hearLiftyour eyes and look around! Commenting and sharing other people's content with a comment on LinkedIn, your company blog or your YouTube channel, for example, is a key part of content marketing. It shows that you are on top of things and that you are making reflections that you are happy to share.


In summary, it is important to consider the following when creating valuable and relevant content for your audience.

  • Understand your target audience and start from their challenges
  • Sharing good practice
  • Building trust by showing different perspectives
  • Make it easy for the customer to take in the information you have
  • Share

Good luck in your content creation!

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