How to kick-start your post-holiday life without stress

It can be hard to leave your hammock for your office chair and get back to work after the holidays. Your body and mind get a slight shock when country air, rosé wine and sleepy mornings are suddenly replaced by noise, stress and demands. Just the thought that there are more than eleven months until the next holiday can bring morale to new lows.

Not helped by the fact that your inbox is crammed with emails that all seem urgent, your desk is covered with cryptic notes all clamouring for your attention, your phone is ringing off the hook, and that to-do list that you didn't have time to finish before the holidays seems to have multiplied in your absence, and is now starting to be as thick as the hardback edition of the law book. What's more, your usual suppliers seem to have taken an extra long holiday this year, and are unable to provide you with the urgent help you need.But you, breathe easy. It's possible to get back to work smoothly after the holidays without burning out in the first week.There are some useful tricks to get off to a smoother start. For example, start on a Wednesday instead of a Monday, so that the first week isn't so overwhelming. Or don't start cold and unprepared, but instead gradually get into work mode by getting up earlier and planning tasks in the days before you start. Above all, keep stress at bay and don't think you can do everything at once - sort and prioritise in the piles.Being mentally prepared helps a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't take away the big to-do pile and the urgent demands. They probably make you wish you could clone yourself in ten copies to get it all done. Fortunately, there's a solution that's just as good: new unique solutions and services can fix your worries, no matter what and when. Local project managers with global networks of freelance specialists can efficiently tackle your high stack of tasks and requirements while you soft launch in the office. This service can do everything your marketing department and suppliers can. It's fast, flexible, reliable, highly cost-effective, and at your disposal when you need it most.Let us at Contitude take care of your overwhelming to-do list, relieve yourself, and keep the holiday spirit for a while longer.Also read more articles from Contitude's Philip Otter on LinkedInhere.

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