"I don't need marketing!"

This blog post is dedicated to all those who say and think "I don't need marketing".Sometimes when we meet companies we get the objection "we don't need marketing, customers come to us".Let's delve into what this means and why we at Cntitude don't always agree with that mindset.

References are best but is it sustainable?

In companies that are growing and gaining new customers through referrals from existing customers, it often feels that everything done is right and customers will never stop being customers.It cannot be denied that referrals from existing customers are the most effective and best way to gain new customers. When that happens, it's a great feeling. Being able to sit and wait for the phone to ring or the email to ring with a new customer getting in touch is fantastic.When the economy is right this way of acquiring new customers can work great and last for a long time.But anyone who has been through an economic cycle knows that from time to time business is harder to come by and existing customers reduce volumes or maybe even go out of business.If you don't have a marketing and sales process in place then it becomes a difficult time, not only for your customers but also for your business.

How do you explain to shareholders, employees and other stakeholders?

When the economy fails and customers no longer come in on their own. How do you explain to stakeholders what's happening?It's hard to say "new customers are stopping calling" and when asked what you're doing about it say "we're doing what we've always done - waiting for the phone to ring".Once you're there and don't have a marketing and sales process in place, it's almost impossible to turn on the marketing machine overnight and then see customers trickle in again.This is why at Contitude we always advise clients to find a long-term sustainable solution for bringing in new leads through marketing. So that you're not left empty-handed when something happens or when the economy turns around.

It doesn't just have to be the economy that fails.

In a company that sells through existing customer references, other things can also happen to make the phone stop ringing, from a failed delivery to a key customer, to a material defect in the product, to a key person delivering less well or resigning. Simply human error or mismatch happens in any business. As a result, existing customers are less interested in referring.

What can you do to complement your successful word-of-mouth approach?

Working in a structured way with marketing helps you keep a pipeline of leads and future business alive over time. So that in addition to the WOM approach, you have another potential source of new customers.It's important that it's not seen as a cost. Marketing is often thought of as activities that only take resources, but it doesn't have to be that way. All marketing should be measurable and monitored. This will allow you to check that the investment you are making is actually producing results that benefit your business. Otherwise, you might as well not work on marketing at all and keep the "I don't need marketing" mindset.

Are there guarantees that customers will return even in a recession?

Unfortunately, the sad but true answer is - no, there are no guarantees that it will generate leads or business.But, and this is the important point, it creates the conditions to minimise loss of customers and retain new business over time. We believe that you, too, want to build a business that lasts through good times and bad, and over the long haul. To do that, working in a structured way with marketing is a big advantage.

Reach new customer groups outside your existing customers and their networks.

Another reason why marketing is relevant, even if word-of-mouth works well for you, is to find new customer groups outside your existing customer network, giving your business the opportunity to reach more people, not just in a recession but also in a boom. So that in addition to your existing customer referrals of clients referring on to their network of contacts, you also find brand new potential customers for you.If your customer group is primarily woodcutters, they likely have a network related to woodcutting but your service/product may also create value for farmers who do not have woodcutting as their primary work but need it.These new customer groups are difficult to reach and find without working on marketing in some form.

"My product/service is so good that it doesn't need marketing! "

Making sure the product/service you sell is really good and creates great customer value is an incredibly important part of building a great business.But have you considered that before a customer has tried, used or bought your product/service, it is only your marketing that the potential customer has to rely on.No matter how good your product is, it will never succeed unless the buyer knows about it or becomes interested in buying or trying it. This is what we call marketing. Creating interest and awareness in your product/service and then building so much trust in that product/service that the buyer wants to make an active contact with you to be classified as a lead.

But Contitude sells marketing services and is not objective.

Yes, it's absolutely right that we sell digital marketing services and of course we want you to become a customer too. But not just because!We want to help businesses succeed and, above all, grow! Contitude's way of helping with this is through digital marketing that is measured and tracked to achieve goals.In many cases, we are the ones recommending potential clients not to work with us because we can't provide the value they need. We want to help you where there is a good match!Same with this post we hope you become a better business owner or marketer by seeing things from new perspectives and if we can help with that we are happy!

Think about how you would cope with a recession where your phone stops ringing.

If you're one of those people who says "I don't need marketing", have you thought about how you'd handle the day when customers don't automatically come to you?Maybe it's worth setting up a structured plan for reaching new customers without having existing customers refer customers to you. If you want to find out if we can help you with these issues, get in touch with us and we'll work out a plan that suits you and your business.DOWNLOAD MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE

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