Marketing Managers: How Do You Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Budget? This Article Shows You The Way.

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Optimize your company’s marketing with outsourcing.


Outsourcing is not a new concept in Sweden, and there are many benefits of outsourcing some or all of your marketing to freelancers. External experts (freelancers) can add important skills that the company’s own employees lack or don’t have the time for. If handled correctly, it can also mean lower costs and better management of company routines.


Freelance economy in a nutshell


Outsourcing means that the company buys services instead of using their own staff to handle it. Over 30% of Swedish companies outsource parts of their administration to an external supplier. A common reason is that the company lacks the skills to execute certain work with satisfactory quality.


Another reason is that you want to make everything in the business cost efficient. Previously, the most common targets for outsourcing were production and transportation, as such tasks could be done much more cheaply by external suppliers. However, outsourcing has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. Now, it’s also common for businesses to outsource parts of their marketing (copywriting, translation, graphic production, animated videos, SEO, AdWords etc.) to external experts.


Benefits of outsourcing


There are many processes and routines at a marketing department that are separate from the core business. By letting external experts take care of those parts, you liberate more time for what you do best. This means that you save money in a lot of areas, not least for expenses related to accounting. It’s also a great alternative both for time consuming but easy tasks and for complex services that require certain skills.


It costs way too much if a business is supposed to have staff that can handle all tasks that are needed for a company to grow. It’s expensive to educate employees or recruit new staff. Outsourcing is a solution that only costs when there is a concrete need for a certain service. The technology we have access to today means that there is no need for the outsourced staff to be on location. Tablets, cloud services, and apps are the new desks for freelancers.


Things to consider before outsourcing


The most important thing is that there needs to be clear benefits of outsourcing parts of your business to external experts (freelancers). The person the company chooses has to be able to do a better job, and he or she needs to do it faster and cheaper than the company’s own staff. If you outsource correctly, it can be a perfect method for allowing the company’s marketing to grow in a cost efficient way.

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