How to attract the right candidates to your staffing and recruitment company with digital marketing

If you want to reach and attract the candidates you really need, you can no longer rely on job advertisements and other traditional means such as job ads in newspapers and websites.

Today, candidates can choose from lots of job offers. They're not looking for jobs - they're shopping for jobs online. So to have a chance of attracting the best candidates, you need to have a kickass digital presence. Jobseekers should want to be in your database. Not just because you can offer the best assignments, but also because you're a cool, professional and generous staffing or recruitment company. Digital marketing can help you reach the talent, get them to find you, and get them to perceive you in the best possible way.

Why you need to use inbound marketing to attract the right candidates

To proactively build a broad network of great candidates over the long term, you need a sharp digital strategy. Inbound marketing is a successful strategy because it helps you attract the audience you're looking for, while operating in the channels they prefer and with a tailored message that's targeted to their interests.

Combining this with job postings on social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to use digital marketing to get the right profiles for a job quickly. If you also want to build, and maintain, a broad candidate network, there are a number of additional activities to work on as you go. In order to create a really good marketing campaign that attracts the right candidates, you need to be aware of the following elements in particular:

- Today's candidates want to thrive and develop at work. They look at employers from a holistic perspective to assess what it would be like to work there - an assessment that carries weight once they make their decision. 84% of jobseekers say that the reputation of the employer is very important and that they would not work for someone with a bad reputation. Find out what searches your target audience is doing when gathering information about a potential employer, and make sure you have the answers to their questions on your website.

- Candidates review the digital presence. Of those reviewing and evaluating the employer brand on social media and online, 68% are Millennials, 54% are Gen-X and 48% are Boomers. In addition, 75% of them are more likely to apply for jobs with those who actively manage their employer brand. Social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram - as well as your website - should therefore be tailored to the audience you are targeting.

- You will reach the right candidates more easily with a targeted offer than with a broad one. The right traffic that converts is better than a lot of traffic that goes nowhere. Digital marketing can be targeted and tailored to reach those you really want to reach with a message that is relevant to them.

- Digital channels are fast and flexible. You can instantly test, evaluate and optimise your message to make it more accurate and effective.

This list could go on and on, but the message is clear: the recruitment and staffing companies with the best digital strategies are the ones that are most visible and most attractive.

Why work with Inbound Marketing and Inbound Recruiting to build a broader candidate network?

Inbound recruiting or inbound marketing is about how companies use marketing methods to attract desired, already qualified candidates to apply for jobs with them. Going out narrowly but specifically, rather than broadly and generally in the search. This can mean using social media, content marketing and SEO to showcase the company as an appealing employer and generate interest in job openings. It may also mean offering candidates valuable resources, such as career advice, to demonstrate the company's commitment to their development, which is also seen as attractive by an employer.


Increase your online visibility
Search engines, podcasts, ads and social media make it easier for prospective candidates to discover you and the exciting services you have to offer. The idea is that you should be in the channels where candidates appear on a daily basis.


Attract the right candidates with valuable content

The right content, to the right person, at exactly the right time, increases the chances that candidates will end up with you and not with a competitor.


Help the candidate convert and become part of your database

By understanding your candidates' needs, challenges and desires, you can help them convert more easily. Be generous with content and guides to help them in their job search. Maybe the person isn't ready to change jobs now, in which case you should obviously stay in good contact and continue the preparation with the potential candidate until the time is right for them to make the move.


Get more potential candidates to convert

By offering potential candidates CV templates, interview guides, and smart checklists and the like, you increase the possibility of a potential candidate giving up their contact details in exchange for any of the above.  


Fill more assignments thanks to your unique network of candidates

By continually entertaining your candidates with the most exciting job opportunities and knowledge-driven content, you'll keep them warm until the time is right. This process can be automated using various systems, keeping candidates entertained while you focus on the next step.


So, now we've gone through several different tips and ideas on how you can attract more candidates. If you need help getting started or would like ongoing support in this process, we at Contitude would be happy to help.

 Here you can read one of our customer cases with our client Closers, a headhunting agency focusing on sales people and sales managers. We have helped them with Inbound marketing and today they have a 600% ROI on their digital marketing efforts.

Good luck!

"Thanks to the cooperation with Contitude, we have been able to create an efficient sales and marketing function that generates more revenue for the company"
Robert Conzato
CEO - Headhunting agency Closers

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