How to set a kick ass LinkedIn strategy on a limited budget!

Are you a new marketing manager or have a small budget and want to set a sharp and cost-effective LinkedIn strategy for the company you work for? Then I have a great 6 step process that I would use if I were you! 

To provide some context, more and more companies are realizing that LinkedIn is a great channel to build a brand and generate more business. The challenge, however, is usually that you have a limited budget, limited time and you don't really know what type of content is best suited.

Marketing managers in B2B can have a small budget and therefore find it difficult to create a marketing apparatus that drives actual business. If your CEO or management team won't give you more budget, my advice is to ask them for more time. You need their time to make this work. 

We see that CEOs and founders who continuously share their knowledge, customer and market insights succeed better than companies that do not.

If you would like to complement this text with a video, please check out the video below:

Here is the 6 step process I would use:

  • Set up weekly calls with your founder and/or CEO to ask about what's happening in the market at the moment, what you're working on right now, new features or services you're about to roll out. Let them talk about customers' and potential customers' problems and challenges.

  • Record the entire conversation and transcribe it to capture their insights in their exact words.

  • Convert the recordings and transcripts into short videos, text and images.

  • Publish daily on your CEO's Linkedin profile (adapt the content for e.g. our company Linkedin page or Youtube channel).

  • Use LinkedIn statistics to examine what is generating reactions, what features, perspectives and insights are engaging your followers, and what posts may not be generating engagement (Tip!). Check out tools like Shield to get even more out of your LinkedIn data).

  • Build a list of dream customers, target accounts and ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) and target your best performing content to these accounts in targeted LinkedIn ads to create demand and build trust and credibility at scale.

As long as you get the video recording with your CEO or founder, the rest will work out. Before you put your CEO on the calendar for a video shoot, take a meeting and explain the value of her or him sharing their knowledge and insights. An important part of this is that people like to follow other people, rather than following companies.

Also make sure you have a camera and mic that captures sound well. You can do this with your phone, as long as it has a good camera. This type of filming doesn't have to be an expensive production. What matters is the content! 

Good luck and let us know if you need to discuss anything before you start!

"Thanks to the collaboration with Contitude , we have been able to create an efficient sales and marketing function that generates more revenue for the company."
Robert Conzato
CEO - Headhunting agency Closers

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