SEO survey: 31% of respondents think SEO is necessary!

What were the results of our latest SEO survey?

In our most recent survey on people's attitudes towards SEO, we received many interesting responses. We asked the question: What is your attitude towards SEO? Below is a picture of the distribution of answers:

The different answer options we had were:

SEO is Difficult

We see that 8% of survey respondents find SEO difficult. We can certainly agree with that. It is both difficult and challenging in many different ways and it consists of a mix of technical parts but also content production. What should you prioritize and how much of each part should you focus on.

SEO is essential

31% of survey respondents say SEO is necessary. I think there's a lot to it. Between 70-90% of all buying journeys today start with a Google search. This indicates that SEO is usually important for many businesses. Of course, it is possible to find out if SEO is right for you by doing a feasibility study.

SEO is super exciting

29% of respondents find SEO super exciting. Very nice that so many people find SEO so exciting. Below we have asked some of the respondents who gave this option why they think SEO is super exciting. We hope you will be inspired to start working with SEO. 

I would like to get better at SEO

full 32% of respondents said they would like to become better at SEO. In other words, there are many people out there who are interested in SEO but would like to learn more. We at Contitude think this is super fun. That is also why we have a blog filled with articles about SEO and how you can get better. On our blog you will find all our blog posts about SEO. 

Why do so many people find SEO super exciting? 

We asked some of the survey respondents why they find SEO super exciting and compiled their answers below:

"Most exciting about SEO? Hmm... How long is a string? I like the whole thing about influencing something with text, images and structure on a website. It's not just one thing, but if you want to get the best possible results, you have to look at more parameters. It's also pretty cool that you can adapt it to where you are in your business and still get some kind of result."

/Tomas Sandström - account manager at Kust IT

"The most exciting thing about SEO after 20 years is that you always have to be on your toes and that SEO is a marathon and not a 100 meter race."

/Robert Nyberg - International SEO specialist(New Customers)

"Yes - so really it's one thing, the potential I see in it. To focus on SEO in a structured and long-term way and analyse and optimise it over time. Everyone knows, many do - but often a bit half-heartedly. 

Great inspirations are Hubspot and GetAccept who I think are very good at this.

We have a (very!) long way to go and we can't wait until we can put more priority and resources into it."

/Wilma Eriksson - Co-founder of vloxq 

"I associate gaining strong SEO results with being able to create great content. What's great about SEO is that it really takes into account and supports the whole "funnel" no matter where the potential customer is located. You can write thought leadership articles and share insights with potential customers, they will remember you when it's time to buy.

You can write more "bottom of the funnel" content that is more product specific (usually less visited but with extremely good conversion). In SaaS/B2B which I work in, customers want to be educated. There is research that shows that decision makers are reading more "thought leadership"/expertise content than ever. So... SEO is exciting because you see results from your work, you are supporting the business for real."

/Sophie Hedestad - Chief Marketing Officer at Netigate 

"There's a lot that's exciting - that it's constantly moving, that it complements SEM and that many people still have a hard time understanding what SEO is and how it works."

/Thomas Nordén - B2B marketer at Early to Rise AB

"SEO is exciting because it's dynamic and constantly changing. Plus, there's a competitive element to it all that I love. Paying for traffic or positions can lead to great results but it's not a sport.

If, after evaluation, Google considers my content to be the best, I get a quality stamp and walk a little straighter. Also, SEO is more long-term, just like running a business or starting a relationship. Long term wins in the long run."

/Hasan Fransson - Mr SEO at Raqs (ps also Sweden's second most handsome man! try googling wise!)

"What is most interesting is far away on the horizon. How much organic traffic can you drive to your site with smart SEO work along with a content plan with SEO in mind."

/Mikael Engström - Digital Marketer at S:t Eriks AB

"SEO is a super exciting field! Partly because there are new things happening all the time, which means that those of us working in it have to evolve and keep learning constantly. Partly because SEO is not a channel that thrives in a silo, but is a way of working that really thrives in tandem with other marketing activities and technological improvements. Better web = better SEO = better relationship with the users of the web!"

/Ulrika Viberg - Senior SEO Unikorn at Unikorn AB

"When you really understand how everything is connected, you can make a difference...for real! You get great results when you dare to invest in SEO"

/Maria Klingberg

"What I find most exciting is that it's such a broad area, from technology to content to links. And the idea that many people in a company should know some SEO and not just one who knows lots!"

/Anneli Furustad - Your E-Commerce Consultant at Improove

"I think the most exciting thing about SEO is that it's a dynamic landscape that's constantly changing and you're constantly having to learn new things. Also that every project is different depending on the client's needs and starting point! :)"

/Sara Warneryd - Digital Specialist SEO

"I find SEO interesting for several reasons; to see how much traffic I can get with a relatively small effort, because it's long-term and produces results over time, and because it challenges me to write about relevant things - things that others want to know about, rather than what I think others want to know about."

Hanna Wallgren - Communications strategist at Karamell kommunikation

Summary - SEO survey

The bottom line is that the majority find SEO exciting and necessary. A full 40% find it difficult and want to get better at SEO. It's incredibly gratifying that so many people want to get more involved in SEO and get better at it. Many people who want to get better at SEO are probably wondering where to start.

In my experience, it's very difficult to do serious SEO work all by yourself without a team or an external partner to help with various elements.

Our advice at Contitude is to learn more about SEO so that you will be a better client when you either hire an SEO specialist or hire an SEO agency. 

If you are interested in learning more about SEO, we recommend our beginner-friendly SEO guide!

Good luck with your SEO work! 

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