Should company news be published in a blog?

You've probably come across business news on a business blog or even been one of the people who publishes business news on your business blog. 

What news should actually be published there and why? In this blog post, we go through Contitude's tips and advice on what content to publish on a corporate blog and what corporate news fits in. 

What is corporate news? 

First of all, we need to define what we mean in this article by business news. It is any kind of news that revolves around your company. Everything from announcing that a new person has joined, to that the company has merged or been acquired by another company. 

What business news is appropriate for a business blog?

As the title of this blog post suggests, not all types of business news should be published on a business blog in our opinion at Contitude. It's all about purpose and value to the reader. 

News related to your business should only be published on your blog if it has a clear purpose and provides value to your readers. In the book "Everybody Writes", Ann Handley advises that a business news story is worth publishing if the reader thinks it is valuable information and if business news does not fit the above that it should not be published on a business blog. 

hat business news is appropriate for a corporate blog?

What business news brings value to the reader?

What your readers find valuable is unique and not something that follows general rules. For example, it is likely to be of no interest to a product user that a SaaS company has hired a new developer. It may be really big news internally at the company and something that energizes when a new developer can help fix bugs, etc. But for a prospective customer or existing customer, it's pretty irrelevant that a new developer has been hired. 

If it is a consulting company, sharing that a new consultant has been hired can be extremely valuable. The new consultant may be sitting on a cutting-edge skill that a prospective client really needs, or the prospective client may already know the person and want to partner with them to work with that particular consultant. 

To generalize a bit, most company news tends to be more valuable internally than externally. Think about who has an interest in the information before publishing a company news item on your public blog. In many cases, it is better to share the news internally through an intranet or in a shared company chat room such as slack or teams. Remember that the primary purpose of a company blog is to create new business opportunities and should not be equated with PR. (See section below)

Launching a new website, company news?

One corporate event that often comes under this heading is the launch of a new website. This is often a big project that many in-house people have been involved in. Therefore, the feeling is often that it is a really big news item to be shared with everyone and that all outsiders will also react to it. But if you stop and think about it, it's actually bigger news internally than to a potential or existing customer. The customer is unlikely to be particularly engaged or see value in the fact that a new website has been launched with a new graphic look. They will always be primarily interested in finding relevant and valuable information.

Company news - PR

Business news serves a valuable purpose and is interesting to a large audience if it is picked up by the media. Sending out a memo with a company news item is therefore relevant and should be part of a marketing strategy. However, this only applies if there is news that is interesting enough to be captured by the media and it requires that it is a truly interesting event. Such an event should be so good that someone would want to tell it to a friend over the dinner table, which would then lead to a longer conversation. 


Company news should only be published on the website or a company blog if it actually provides value to the reader. Much company news published on the company website is almost exclusively of interest to the company's employees. 

If the primary audience is internal - publish and share the news internally. Sending out company news in a newsletter to prospective and existing customers that is not relevant will scare away key leads and prospects from your email list. Focus on value-added content as this is what will generate new customers in the long run.

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