Smarter recruitment processes and marketing with marketing automation

Automating marketing with marketing automation makes it easier to produce customized and relevant content that reaches the right audience at the right time. But that's not the only area for improvement. Using automated processes in this way is also a smart way to streamline recruitment, making it faster and more accurate. This is how marketing automation can bring new benefits to your business and strengthen your brand.


A better way to drive sales and build good customer relations.

Marketing automation is a technology that uses data, such as how visitors use your website or interact with your emails. The purpose of marketing automation is to make marketing processes faster, more personalized and accurate. In short, to analyze data so that your messages go out with the right content, to the right recipient, at the right time. This has several benefits. For starters, it saves a ton of time by automating tedious manual processes like emailing and data analysis. That time can be used by the marketing team to do what they do best: work strategically and put their money where their mouth is. Analyzing customers' and candidates' interactions also makes it easier to target content to them. This makes it easier to attract and retain customers and candidates. Used correctly, marketing automation leads to less work and better results. For example, by:


- Provide more leads with higher conversions. Marketing automation can determine which leads are qualified based on how engaged they are in their interactions. The automated process can then create customized and personalized content that takes the lead further. According to a study by Annuitas Group, companies that use marketing automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads. The nurtured leads, in turn, make 47% more purchases compared to those who received more traditional mailings.


- More personalized content. Marketing automation makes it possible to segment target groups based on different criteria. This makes it possible to tailor content to each group, resulting in higher engagement and better conversions.


- Streamline processes. Repetitive manual tasks such as e-mailing, data entry and analysis, evaluation and follow-up, etc. can be done automatically. It is also possible to customize the follow-up automatically based on how the recipient interacts with the mailing. The system does this directly and more accurately than a human.


- Better evaluation. Marketing automation tracks and analyzes data. It provides an accurate basis for decision-making so that the marketing team can invest in the most effective campaigns and strategies. You can see in real time how your communication is being received.


- Stronger customer relationships. A uniform and clear customer data allows you to give your customers a better and more personalized communication. Instead of sending out lots of generic standard mailings, you can focus on quality, substance and long-term relationships.



How marketing automation can streamline the recruitment process

All the benefits of marketing automation can be used to make recruitment processes more efficient. After all, there is much that is common to these processes. It's about reaching the most appropriate stakeholders with a personalized message that really gets them interested. It's about good communication, good relationships and building trust that leads to long-term partnerships. Not least, it's about sifting through the opportunities that have the best chance of delivering results. And data is the foundation for all that.


Marketing automation and analytics capabilities can streamline the recruitment process in the same way as marketing. For example, by:


- Track and evaluate candidates. Just as it is possible to use marketing automation to find and sort out qualified leads, it is possible to highlight the most suitable candidates. Based on scoring, recruiters can then prioritize the candidates and provide them with a great experience that attracts them.


- Personalized communication. Based on the candidates' behavior during the interactions, it is possible to extract relevant information that lays the groundwork for a tailored message that genuinely sparks their interest, creates a deeper relationship and moves them forward in the process.


- Automation of processes. Emails, advertisements, interview invitations, follow-ups, rejections, etc. can be automated. This speeds up the entire recruitment process so that recruiters can get the final candidates as quickly as possible. It also provides a better candidate experience as those who are interested can quickly get answers and more information. Everyone benefits from a fast recruitment process.


- Evaluation. The data analysis shows which channels and strategies work best and can be used in future recruitment campaigns. It is also possible to create a detailed database of candidates who have been in contact with you for future recruitment.


Overall, this results in a faster, more accurate and more personalized recruitment process for all parties. Something that raises the employer brand and attracts more qualified candidates for future recruitments.


Tips for effective use of marketing automation for recruitment

Whether you intend to use marketing automation for marketing or recruitment, or a combination of both, there are some important things to consider. Here are some tips on how to really reach out and attract interest.


- Don't miss out on using social media. Emails, advertisements and other regular channels are important, but the majority of customers and candidates use social media. It's a channel that gives you the opportunity to provide a deeper insight into the company's culture and workplace when recruiting. It also provides a wider reach. Maybe your content is seen by someone who isn't looking for a job right now, but knows someone who would be a perfect fit. Social media content is easy to share with others. Marketing automation often has features for social posting, with scheduled mailings, analysis and optimization of views and shares, etc.


- It should be easy to apply and move on. It's common for candidates to lose interest if they have to spend a lot of time filling out complicated forms. Making it easy for them to show their interest and automating as much of the application process as possible will save you both time.


- Automate continued communication with candidates for long-term candidate nurturing. Even if they didn't get this particular position, they may be considered for future recruitment. Keep the most interesting candidates warm with ongoing communication that creates a long-term relationship.


- Integrate with other systems. Marketing automation derives much of its strength from the data on which it is based. By connecting systems such as CRM, e-commerce, business systems, etc. it is possible to get a larger and more detailed picture of how leads, customers and candidates interact with you.

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