Best digital marketing blogs and podcasts 2019

We write blog posts and try to make you, the reader, better and learn more about digital marketing. But of course, Contitude is not the only one with knowledge of digital marketing and the methods that work for your business, so we thought we'd share some of the blogs we follow about digital marketing.

1. Neil Patel's blog

This is a blog that we follow and are inspired by. He is open and happy to talk about what works for him and the different digital projects he has going on.It can feel overwhelming with information for those who have not worked with digital marketing before but for those who are in the know and want new inspiration on how to get better, this is definitely a blog we recommend you to follow.Find the blog here

2. Marketing Book Podcast

There are lots of podcasts about marketing and this is one of the podcasts that we like the most, interviewing Douglas Burdett the author of a very good marketing book. The content varies and the topics range from sales to classic marketing.The interviews are often in enough depth that you can get the basics from the books that each episode is about.So if you don't have the time to plough through 4 marketing books a month either, this is a great podcast to keep you up to date with what's being written about and what works in digital marketing.Read more and listen to the podcast here

3. Orbit Media Studios Blog

If you want to become a pro at social media success, this is the blog to follow - it tells you how to become more successful on social media. How you can maximize your efforts in a competitive environment.Often Orbit is also early to post when there are new updates in social media algorithms which means you will always have a head start on your competitors.

Read the blog here4. Contitudes Blog

We also have to mention this blog where you read all these great tips.On our blog we take the goodies from all the information we take in and of course we share it with you!So if you haven't already started subscribing to our blog, now is the time to do it.You can do it on the top right of this page.

5. Digital Marketing

This is another gem of a podcast in digital marketing. In this podcast, Tony Hammarlund interviews various profiles and experts in the digital marketing industry. The episodes cover everything from social media, brand building, copy and design, to search engine optimization.The purpose of the interviews is simply to provide insights and tips for those who want to stay up to date on what's happening in the industry.Read more and listen to the podcast here

6. Seth's Blog

What is so refreshing about Seth's blog is that it differs from many others in the industry. Seth writes a post every day. The posts are sometimes very short and the blog as a whole is stripped down, but what is written is very relevant. Seth's Blog is about everything from a simple thought about the importance of finishing a project you've started to what the 10x rule is.This is just the blog to start your day with. Read today's tips while sitting on the bus or waiting for the elevator. It doesn't take any more time than that.Read the blog hereWehope you get a lot out of these tips and learn a lot.If you want to get in touch with Contitude and get help on how to succeed with your digital marketing in 2019, click on the link below.Book a meeting with Contitude

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