Top 6 best digital marketing agencies in Sweden!

Who decides that a digital marketing agency is the best? Is it how many employees they have? How much they turn over? How many and how big clients they have? Or how much profit they make? Or who has the best experts? That is the question.

In my world, the very best agencies are those that put the client first and always focus on delivering the best value. I think the best agencies are those that work closely with their clients, are transparent, educational, focus on actual results and are proactive. 

If you want to watch a short video where I give my tips for choosing a dresser, check it out below :).

Below I've listed 6 different digital marketing agencies that we at Contitude think are the best in their field. All digital agencies have their own niches and are good in different ways.

Unikorn - Perhaps the best in Sweden at helping large B2C companies with SEO

Unikorn is your best friend when it comes to helping you find your way to a successful SEO strategy. From the initial stages to the follow-up and evaluation of activities. They implement a stable and long-term SEO work and review the overall SEO strategy

InZynk - Perhaps one of Sweden's best Account Based Marketing companies

InZynk is by far the best in Account Based Marketing in Sweden. Through their amazing team of experts and their purpose-built technology, they create maximum value for their clients by increasing sales. Their passion is to support clients in their current and future sales and marketing activities, allowing their sales and marketing teams to reinforce each other and work together as one team.

The Generation - WordPress websites for clients with high ambitions

They write on their website that they will become Sweden's best web agency. They stand for decent values and common sense in a culture where both employees and companies grow together. Generation helps their customers to design, develop, operate and maintain really nice and sharp websites in Wordpress.

FunnelBud - Perhaps Northern Europe's best marketing automation agency

FunnelBud helps to implement and support its customers in their marketing automation work. FunnelBud has a unique model that enables its clients to work with marketing automation in a cost-effective way. 

Contitude - Sweden's best MaaS - Marketing as a Service - agency

Contitude helps B2B companies grow through digital marketing. Clients appreciate the unique MaaS model, which enables them to achieve both short and long-term success with their marketing efforts.

Agency - Tailored communication works best

Genuine creativity and solid craftsmanship are what make for great communication. Standard solutions and cheap copies of other people's ideas are easily exposed and convince few. This has been Agency's philosophy since its inception more than 20 years ago. If you need help with communication, this is the agency to choose.

Delumo - Social Media Agency that really cares about its customers

Delumo has been helping companies with their social media efforts since 2014, and over the years has accumulated extensive experience and broad expertise in the field. They know what works and how to make your efforts successful - whether you want to sell more, increase engagement or simply be seen by the right audience.


These are some of the digital marketing agencies that we really like and think are the best in their field. Our absolute best tip is to find an agency that is genuinely interested in you and focused on providing the most value to you. An agency that is honest and transparent and has the courage to say that something they are doing for you as a client may not be working and that you should be doing something else. That's putting the client first and really caring about the client's outcome. If you're interested in more info on how to go about choosing a new digital agency, please read this blog post: How to choose the right digital agency

Contitude knows their industry and is always there for support, questions and concerns alongside their elegant evolution forward. Warm recommendations!
Petra Hansson
Marketing Supervisor

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