Welcome to Contitude, Amanda!

What will be your role at Contitude?

I will be working as a Digital Marketing Strategist where I will help companies with their digital marketing strategies.


Tell us about your background

I studied media and communication at the University of Gothenburg and later broadened my knowledge of digital marketing by taking courses at the Media Institute to learn more about SEO and SEM. In recent years, I have worked extensively in marketing in various industries, bringing a bit of both in my backpack - such as brand strategy, execution of marketing activities and content plans. I am therefore now looking forward to developing even more in digital marketing.


What do you find most exciting about digital marketing?

That it is constantly changing and that it is possible to see the impact of the efforts made. Working strategically with marketing is something I find a little extra fun and to be able to follow up on it to see the development over time.  


Do you have any predictions for the future to share?

There are a lot of changes happening in digital marketing right now - so I think it's important to continually review and develop your digital strategy to stay up to date. The biggest buzz this year that has probably been on everyone's lips is of course TikTok as an advertising platform and how you as a company can create engaging content that is quickly consumable. And this doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I think that overall there is a big change happening right now around how the whole buying and customer experience is optimized digitally, such as how people are starting to talk about the Metaverse and digital spaces. I also think that mobile content will continue to be the big thing where platforms like Instagram, among others, continue to simplify in-app direct shopping, for example in reels by adding link decals for this format as well.


Something that I think is good to keep in mind going forward when it comes to digital marketing is that with constant changes in digital marketing and new platforms being added to stay engaged with your customers, it's good to keep in mind that a clear purpose and goal for your digital channels (in addition to time and resources) is always paramount.

What are you passionate about?

As I've always liked trying to understand people, how we interact with each other and our behaviours, I'm particularly passionate about understanding customer behaviours. Trying to understand what works and what doesn't with the target audience when it comes to digital marketing is therefore something I find exciting to explore - for example, what keywords does our target audience seem to be searching for, how do customers move across the website and which ad performed best and why? Always had a little extra love for social media so developing content plans and social media strategies is also something I love to do!

What do you do when you're not working?

I prefer to spend a day off with my partner and family or friends, enjoying a cup of coffee in front of a great TV series on the sofa or going for a long walk, preferably with a peppy song in my headphones. I also like to explore different restaurants - preferably with Asian fusion on the menu!


What is your superpower?

I think that as a person I am quite good at listening to other people and am happy to help if I can. This has helped me a lot over the years - keeping curious about what others have to say and their experiences I think will always keep you developing as a person. Then there's the fact that I'm very creative too and have always done a lot of photography. Something that has come in handy when I work in marketing as a lot of it is about creating interest, both through the visual and text!

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