Let's try to record a blog post using voice input in google docs!

Hi everyone this blog post is written using the recording feature in Google Docs. I am testing there to record a blog post from start to finish to see how it works.

Imagine if we can avoid typing ourselves and instead use this function to produce the Content point.The question is then whether it will save us time or take more time as a manual handwriting will be needed afterwards.I have dyslexia and think this works very well so far. but we'll see.

The theme of this blog post will of course be Content. A big part of driving traffic to their website is to work with Content production point with the help of really good content that we publish on our websites we have the opportunity to get better visibility on Google.But a challenge that we often see out there at companies is the time to write blog posts.We sometimes do not know what to write if we do not know who we should write because we do not know what keywords we should focus on in our blog posts.We do not know what to write if we do not know who to write because we do not know what keywords we should focus on in our blog posts. The questions are many before we can start creating content.

a big part is also Who should write the content is it the employees or should you hire a copywriter or content writer or should you go to an external agency.We advocate that the company that the employees of the company write some content themselves this will increase engagement and the way to learn internally will be more effective.The nice thing about having employees write content is that the employees themselves become the experts who get to talk about their area but it also needs more content to succeed in achieving its goals when it comes to driving more traffic to their website.

That's why we recommend hiring a content agency that can help create a certain type of content. This can be anything from blog posts articles videos blog pod what suits best for your target audience and the channel is target audience visible in.With the help of an effective content production you get plenty of material to use on your own website but also to publish in your social media. You've probably heard of search engine optimization so called s e o point is a way to Optimize your website so that it appears as good as possible in Google search results. about 30% of technical s e o and 70% is content. So really good content.

Because Google likes really good, engaging content that helps users find answers to their questions. Google knows how long a user has been on your website and the longer they stay on your website the better Google thinks your website is.This will result in Google lifting your website in the organic results on Google.

The goal is for you to be on page one of Google for selected keywords and search terms.When it comes to getting a really good organic result on Google, it takes time.It can take anywhere from six months up to 2 years.But the great thing about the organic result is that it's free.Once you're there, you're there, unlike an ad which means that as soon as you remove the ad money, you disappear from Google.

Therefore, we see s e o and Content as a basic long-term strategy to get a better organic result.se can of course be combined with buying ads on e.g. Google to create a short-term result.

as you can see, the reading doesn't work perfectly when i'm supposed to say. so sometimes it gets something else. but i still think it works well enough. Soon I will have put together an A4 which is about 500 words in less than 10 minutes r. If you know what to say I think this can be an effective way for many. if I don't send this text on sausage but it will be published straight up and down as it is.Usually we send our texts on proofreading.This is to keep a good quality.But as this is a test to see how the recording function on Google Docs works I won't do that. If this function learns how I speak and sound as well as learns some words that it hasn't understood then it will be really good in the near future at least that's what I think.

fun facts. Apparently there is an A in robot that can write as well as a human. If this is true, there will be a lot of content published that we don't know is written by a real person. this will probably mean that there will be an abundance of content on the internet. This can also be used in a negative way as it is possible to write lots of content that is not true. I am a little concerned that this could influence people to make decisions that are not based on truth. That gave you something to think about.

So I think we'll end this blog post and thank the recording function in Google Docs for a decent job. If you want to talk further about Content production feel free to get in touch with weird sound by clicking the button below da.

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