Welcome to Contitude, Nico!

Despite a slightly different year, it's full steam ahead at Contitude where we continue with lots of exciting work for our customers! With autumn also comes change and we are happy to present one of our new additions who has started working here with us. To get to know our new star a little better, you can read an interview with her here. Welcome to Contitude Nico!cf_200D↩.

What will be your role at Contitude?

ag will work as a Digital Marketing Strategist, helping clients with their digital marketing.

Tell us about your background

I studied Economics, Technology and Design at Södertörn University and Marketing at Stockholm University. Professionally, I have many years of experience in retail and come most recently from an e-commerce company where I worked as a digital marketing specialist in Turin.

What do you find most exciting about digital marketing?

To be able to analyse and measure the results of different marketing activities and to use data as a basis for decision-making, planning strategies and setting targets. It's a changing world, so you never stand still and are constantly learning.

What are you passionate about?

I find digital behavioural science and anthropology in technology incredibly exciting. I also find UX and UI interesting, especially in combination with digital marketing as it's all about delivering the best user experience or service possible.


Perhaps it is too predictable to say AI? The smarter our gadgets get, the more touch points there are to reach the user, making omni-channel marketing more and more important. Using AI and data to find new, smarter and more effective ways to meet the user is becoming increasingly important.

What do you do when you're not working?

You'll find me either in a lovely restaurant or in a dance hall! Unless there's a pandemic... Then I'm happy to cook for myself and go for a run instead. Otherwise, I like to hang out with friends, make little amigurumi figures or read a good book.

What is your superpower?

To be able to cheer up and create a good atmosphere. I think it's rooted in a generally happy attitude and positive outlook. Of course things go badly sometimes, but then you have to focus on the good things and work towards a solution. Work hard, have fun, no drama.

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