What is agile marketing?

The word agile has long been a buzzword, mainly used in system development and design. The term refers to a way of working where the focus is on many small deliveries where the work is continuously tested and adapted based on the feedback you receive. This differs from large deliveries of complete systems that may ultimately prove to be inadequate for the end users.

The term "agile" is no longer tied to system development and design. It is a way of thinking and working that has spread to several industries and niches, such as marketing.

What is agile marketing?

Agile marketing is a way of working where you use and analyze data to continuously adapt your marketing activities. You constantly read the data you collect through tools such as Google Analytics to quickly adapt your marketing activities to the feedback you receive.

In other words, discovering problems, quickly and then applying a solution (or a test that you think should solve the problem), to directly reading the result of your test and then adapting the solution based on the result you get.

If you want to learn how to measure and analyze data, download the Quick Google Guide below:


Example of an agile approach

For example, one of your Google Ads ads may not be performing well. Through Google Ads, you can see that the landing page linked to the ad has a low quality score.

Your hypothesis is that the text on the landing page is not relevant to the ad and you therefore update the text to include the relevant keyword and tell more about the problem that the landing page and the ad want to inform about. You then look at how the quality score changes and whether the ad then performs better.

Another example is that one of your landing pages has a high bounce rate and you see in Google Analytics that most of your users use mobile devices when visiting your website.

If that particular page is not mobile-friendly, the hypothesis is that the page needs to be optimized for mobile devices. You compress the image size so that the page can load faster and make sure to adapt the interface so that the text and image look good on a mobile or tablet.

You then look at the data available in Google Analytics to see if the bounce rate is improving and evaluate what needs to be done based on your analysis.

How do I start working with agile marketing?

A fundamental part of working with agile marketing is to start with the goal of marketing. What are the company's overall marketing goals and what do you want to happen? Based on this, you need to come up with a number of marketing activities that you think will allow you to achieve the marketing goal in a better way than today.

Implement the activities and see which ones work best. Learn from what doesn't work and continue with what performs well and brings you closer to your overall marketing goal.

Modern marketing teams

With increasing digitalization, marketing has become broader and more complicated. Finding your target group has become more difficult as there are more channels than ever and reaching your target group has become more difficult. Inbound marketing has emerged as a reaction to this and is based on letting your target group find you instead.

Successful marketing in today's rapidly evolving society requires many different competencies, and working in an agile way requires close collaboration between all these competencies. To be able to quickly adapt your marketing, you need a clear market objective and close cooperation between different specialist competencies.

In addition, you need a marketing generalist who understands which parts need to work together and which parts affect other parts.Not all competencies need to be in-house, but there are a number of external partners that you can use to carry out specific marketing activities. Everything from production agencies that can produce commercials to web agencies that can maintain and develop your website. Whether the resources are internal or external, it's important to make small changes to your marketing and constantly evaluate the results.

Many people like to try to achieve perfection before a marketing activity is carried out, such as when a new article is published. Instead, focus on "good enough". Make sure to be consistent in your communication with your customers and set aside time to continuously look at the concrete results of your marketing activities and think about what can improve the results.

Succeeding in marketing today

To succeed in marketing today, you need to think less and do more. Focus on smaller activities instead of implementing huge projects that have not been tested against your actual target audience and the market results you want to achieve.

Make sure you have a continuous dialog with your target audience, for example through social media updates and the publication of blog posts or newsletters. Also make sure that your different marketing activities work towards the same goal.

Either by creating marketing teams with different skills that work closely together or by having a market generalist who keeps an overall eye on your different market resources and ensures that one market activity supports another market activity.

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