What is Evergreen content?

In this blog post, we'll go over what Evergreen content is, how to create it, and what you need to consider to succeed with this type of content.

Relevant over the long term

Evergreen content is content that is created that can remain relevant over time. Evergreen directly translates to evergreen in English and refers to something that lasts forever.In the context of digital marketing, the goal is to create content that will always be interesting and that year after year will attract readers, listeners or viewers to your content.For simplicity, let's go through a few examples of articles or topics that are evergreen and some that are definitely not.NOT EvergreenEvergreeenWill theNew England Patriots win the Superbowl in 2019?What are the differences between American football and rugby?20% of people blog.How do you produce a blog post?Can you see the differences between the different types of content?Try to find topics that are not timed or answer questions that are likely to be relevant for years to come.When you create content that addresses a timely topic such as news or certain events, you have the opportunity to gain attention during the particular period that that event or news is timely. But once the Super Bowl is over, for example, interest in speculation about who will win will die out really quickly.

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Evergreen content is the cheapest type of content

When it comes to content that is evergreen, you will attract visitors for a long time. In a previous blog post, we tipped you off to Seth Godin's blog, which he has kept alive since 2002. He tells us that the first blog post he wrote on his blog is still generating organic traffic. That was over 16 years ago and that blog post has been driving traffic continuously for 16 years and continues to do so.The cost of paying for advertising over 16 years for as many visitors as that blog post has generated would far exceed the time spent writing the blog post.It obviously doesn't have as quick an impact as advertising but over time it is an extremely profitable investment compared to advertising.For more information on the difference between organic traffic and advertising please read further in this blog post. Where should you spend your budget - SEO or SEM?

Create Evergreen content

If you've decided that you want to create evergreen content, you need to start thinking in terms other than short-term trends about what's interesting right now, and instead focus on what your audience will always be interested in.Here are some quick tips you can use as a starting point

  • Create "How does..." articles
  • Create "What is .... " articles
  • Answer FAQ questions.
  • Explain concepts or theories.

No matter how good you get at creating Evergreen content, it may always need to be updated with new tips and tricks or with new information.This blog post could be Evergreen content in itself. It answers a question that will always need an answer for anyone interested in knowing more about this type of content. But that doesn't mean we will stop updating this blog post. In the case that some of these tips are no longer relevant or that there are more tips we can share on this topic, we will update the blog post.It is also appreciated by search engines that content is updated and kept relevant plus we get the opportunity to update our knowledge. Simply a win-win!

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Recycling is the road to success

Once you've produced your own amazing Evergreen content, it obviously needs to be used and that's the best part about this type of content.Even if you immediately share your content on social media and every channel you can, after 3 months you can distribute the same content again. It's still relevant and the likelihood that you've already reached everyone in your target audience on your first spread is small.Therefore, you can continue to share this content again and again and again.In addition, you will be indexed in search engines and also get organic traffic for a long time to come.So what are you waiting for?Start creating your Evergreen content today!Do you feel that there is not enough time to create really good content?Maybe Contitude is the perfect partner for you.Schedule a meeting with us by clicking on the link below.Book a meeting with ContitudeDownloadyour content planning template here!

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