What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is an alternative form of marketing that has emerged as a result of rapid technological developments in recent years. Thanks to the ability to collect information about potential customers and analyse this information, it is possible to find the most relevant ways to market your business, using tools such as Google Analytics, UX methods and search engine optimisation. In this article, we will take a closer look at what growth hacking is and how it can be useful for your business.

Growth hacking vs. traditional marketing

Traditional marketing has often been based on a marketing budget. The question has been: how much money do we have that we can spend on marketing this year? When the answer has come, it has been about spending the money creatively in channels that reach a wide audience.The problem with traditional marketing is that it is difficult to monitor the success of the efforts. How do we know that we are really reaching our target audience with our commercial? How can we measure its success? We may get more customers and sell more, but can we really be sure that it is because we have invested in an expensive commercial?

Growth hacking involves a completely different approach. The basis of growth hacking is gathering information, analysing it, following up and changing efforts. It's a trial-and-error approach where only the successful recipes are kept - everything else is scaled back. Thanks to modern web technology, it is relatively easy to know how successful an initiative has been.Growth hacking does not require a large budget and the focus is on increasing growth. It's about analytical, cost-effective, creative and innovative ways to grow as much as possible with as little money as possible. In short, growth hacking is modern marketing with a focus on tangible results.

How can we work with growth hacking?

So how does it work, in concrete terms? Growth hacking is about getting to know your customers and potential customers, following their behaviour and drawing conclusions. It's also about being able to experiment creatively to improve the customer experience throughout the customer journey. Thanks to rapid iterations, it is possible to do this in an efficient way... Small optimizations add up to a big impact. The process involves systematic testing based on reasonable hypotheses that are then followed up. The key here is to actually implement your ideas. It's about cutting down on all the waiting and discussing and instead doing.Now let's take a closer look at some tools and methods that are a good place to start for those who want to start up their work with growth hacking.

Google Analytics and Growth Hacking

Firstly, you should familiarize yourself with Google Analytics. By setting up good conditions for analyzing your visitors' behavior on your website, you have a good basis for creating targeted efforts that can be followed up and evaluated. It can be about seeing how many of your visitors stay a certain time on the website, how many people sign up for your newsletter or how many people order a certain product. By seeing how your customers find your website, who actually buys and who doesn't, you can find answers to questions about where to make your marketing efforts and how they should be designed. DOWNLOAD THE QUICK GOOGLE GUIDE

UX methods and Growth Hacking

Working with UX methodologies is crucial to creating a good customer experience. Growth hacking is very much about discovering customer expectations and needs and meeting them to drive growth. By working with UX methodologies, you can create a customer journey from first visit to conversion that exceeds customer expectations.UX work is often done in short sprints to quickly make changes and test how new interfaces change customer behaviors. Combine UX with Google Analytics and you're well on your way!

Search Engine Optimization and Growth Hacking

Finally, there is the area of search engine optimization and Google Ads. This is about creating websites with search engine optimized content that attracts organic traffic. This area is a whole science in itself, but there are a lot of simple tricks to start with for those who are new to the area. By creating relevant, unique and interesting content aimed directly at your target groups, you can increase traffic to your website. By working with Google Analytics and UX methods, you can make sure you take care of your new visitors in the best possible way. DOWNLOAD THE SEO GUIDE 2023

Growth hacking for start-ups

Traditional marketing still has an important role to play, not least for larger companies that need to build their brand in relation to their competitors over the long term. For small businesses and start-ups, growth hacking may be the best option. Growth hacking does not require a large marketing budget and the focus is on customer and performance improvement, not long-term brand building.Most people who work with growth hacking do so in teams. It is difficult to find a guru who masters all the elements of growth hacking. Rather, it's about finding experts in the different areas who can complement each other and together form a strong unit. A competent growth hacking team should ideally include specialists in Google Analytics, SEO and SEM, UX, social media and web development. Book a meeting with Contitude

Get started with growth hacking today

Getting started with growth hacking doesn't have to be difficult. Maybe you already have someone in your company who has worked with Google Analytics or UX methods? Set aside some time for that person and build up the competence within the organization. An advantage of growth hacking is that it is possible to work on a small scale, build up something slowly and as the results start to come in, scale up the business. So don't wait, get started today!


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