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What is MaaS - Marketing as a Service?

You may have heard of Contitude's Marketing as a Service but not had it fully explained to you.

In this blog post, we will try to clarify the concept so that you get a deeper understanding.

Marketing as a Service is a new and unique model developed based on our customers' needs and challenges.

Over the years, we've talked to thousands of marketing managers who find it challenging to assemble a really strong marketing team that can drive marketing forward effectively.

In the past, marketing managers have tried to recruit different skills to the company, but this is costly as several different specialist skills are required. Another option has been to go to a traditional agency in a specific area. A traditional agency can of course be good but they usually work in silos. Especially if a company has several different agencies that it works with.

Now to why our MaaS model is so appreciated by our customers. By combining local digital marketing strategists with an extended team of specialists in different areas (e.g. SEO, Content, Ads, SoMe, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation and Web and more), we can put together a flexible solution for our clients based on their needs.

In a MaaS setup, we can be incredibly flexible with the will of the different services included and we can easily replace, add or remove parts. In this way, we are fleet of foot and can easily move together in this changing world we live in. You have a monthly subscription with a short notice period.

If you are interested in talking to us further about MaaS, please feel free to book a meeting with us here!

If you're interested in watching a video where I explain what Marketing As A Service is, check it out below:

What will the future of marketing look like?

In marketing, the last few years have seen an incredible amount of change. The marketing function in a company is probably the department that has undergone the greatest transformation in the last ten years. Of course, it's great that so much has happened, but it also makes it difficult for companies to keep up.

A lot of companies today are keen to get into marketing but feel that it is too expensive to either employ a marketing person or use a traditional agency. Especially when you are not sure what the results of the marketing will be.

With this rapid evolution taking place, a model is needed that can address these needs; a model that is timely and capable of driving the fast-changing marketing of the future.

It is difficult to know exactly what the future of marketing will look like, but what we do know is that it will require a wide range of skills in varying degrees and skills that do not exist today. In other words, the needs of companies will change all the time, which makes this tricky.

Today, small and medium-sized businesses are often faced with two choices when it comes to getting started with marketing:

"Should I hire a marketing person or should I hire a marketing agency?"

Because so much has happened in marketing in recent years, it is also very difficult to know what skills to look for when hiring a marketing person. The list of requirements is usually quite long and it is very difficult to find a person who is a specialist in all the areas you are looking for. Either you have to hire a specialist in a specific area or a generalist who knows a little about several areas. Often neither is a perfect match.

However, in many cases, hiring ends up having to be supplemented by purchasing certain skills or resources to carry out everything that needs to be produced.

There are lots of good and competent agencies that are really good at different things. The hard part is just finding an agency that can handle all the elements like analysis, strategy, production, execution, measurement and optimisation. There are some who are very good at the whole process but usually it takes several agencies to pull it all together in a good way. This quite often results in slow processes and a high price tag. Unfortunately, this approach does not suit companies that have ambitions to grow and need to be able to move quickly.

So what is MaaS - Marketing as a Service?

With today's marketing constantly evolving in terms of technology, strategies, channels and more, it's very difficult to keep up. MaaS solves this by stitching together a digital and external marketing team based on what the need is today. This team is held together and managed by a local digital marketing strategist, thus becoming your company's own marketing department or a complement to the existing one.

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What exactly is included in a so-called MaaS solution?

  • Your own digital marketing strategist gets to know you and your business
  • The current situation is analysed in the form of a feasibility study
  • A strategy is developed
  • A 3-6 month activity plan is implemented
  • Your external digital team sets up and produces the required content (e.g. Google Ads, SEO, copy, video, landing pages, social media, etc.)
  • Your digital marketing strategist coordinates, publishes and manages all activities
  • Everything is measured and monitored to keep track of results
  • Based on the measurement results, all parts are continuously optimised for increased efficiency

Thanks to MaaS - Marketing as a Service - you can keep costs down and work with measurable marketing that delivers results. The goal of MaaS is to turn the marketing department from a cost centre into a source of revenue that generates traffic, leads and business for your company.

This unique model allows us to work quickly and also to replace any skills based on current and future needs. The aim is to give small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to start working on marketing in a cost-effective way and in a way that is focused on delivering results.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you create a really sharp results-driven marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals - click here!

Happy Greetings

Team Contitude :-)

"Thanks to the collaboration with Contitude , we have been able to create an efficient sales and marketing function that generates more revenue for the company."
Robert Conzato
CEO - Headhunting agency Closers

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