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COSMO CONSULT is one of the world's leading Microsoft Dynamics partners, offering its customers industry-oriented end-to-end solutions.


COSMO CONSULT is internationally a major player in the market of business systems but there are several players so it is important to penetrate the noise and create the space they want to have here in Sweden.


COSMO CONSULT has several goals, but what we at Contitude help them with first and foremost is the goal of strengthening COSMO CONSULT's digital presence and thereby creating better conditions for the sales department to create business opportunities.

More exposures
Blogging posts
More words on Google's 1a page

Working with a digital presence through a website, social media and blog is common for most companies. Contitude supports COSMO in keeping the aforementioned channels updated with relevant SEO-adapted content and helps with SEM (Google ADS).

The advantage of doing everything digitally is the ability to measure the results of our efforts. By analysing our performance, we can check, follow up and adjust to achieve the best results.

Going forward, we look forward to developing the work with marketing automation and strengthening the collaboration between the sales and marketing departments.

Contitude complements us with its expertise and always finds solutions to the challenges we face. They take the pressure off my work and I always have someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off when I feel stuck.
Terese Hedin
Marketing Manager

Since the start of our cooperation at the turn of 2019/2020, we can today look back on a positive development of COSMO CONSULT's digital presence. One year later, they have 360st more words on Google's first page.

On the right we see how COSMO CONSULT's visibility in the Google search engine has slowly moved upwards as the work has progressed. From a low of 1,000, we are now, one year later, at around 2,000 exposures.

COSMO CONSULT visibility on Google

We compare the first four months of our cooperation with the same period a year later.

Here we see that COSMO CONSULT has gone from 136,000 to 204,000 exposures in one year and that the number of clicks on the page has increased from 1,480 to 1,670.


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