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In six months, we helped ORS Consulting take their website from a health score of 34 to 92. We also helped them get 1600 registrations for their three webinars so far. Read more about how we helped ORS Consulting below!


ORS wants to develop in the field of Inbound Marketing and needs help to ensure continuity with e.g. planning, ideas, management and to drive through marketing activities.


ORS wants to strengthen its marketing efforts on several levels, strengthening its brand, maintaining ongoing contact with current and potential customers and attracting more customers.

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ORS Consulting is the company that specialises in risk management. With risk at the core of their business, ORS consultants help different sectors and clients solve technical and operational challenges.

Initially, we did a thorough SEO review of the ORS website to make sure everything looked good and then started to drive traffic to the site. By SEO-optimising the content that was spread across their Linkedin channel, we created the conditions to increase visibility in search engines as well as traffic into their website.

To convert traffic on the website, we have created conversion points in the form of contact forms. We have also helped ORS to set up webinars which have proved incredibly successful both in terms of the number of participants and engagement from participants. The contacts from both the forms and the events we have been able to help process via email before the consultants themselves took over in the newly set up marketing automation system that we linked to the website.

In order to maintain or create a more continuous contact with existing and new potential customers, we have been working with newsletters. We intend to further develop this work in order to offer relevant information linked to the recipient's interest.

With Contitude on board, you get a digital marketing partner that can challenge, develop and ensure continuity in your inbound marketing efforts. They show flexibility, creativity and adapt well to the customer's needs.
Morten Nilstad Pettersen
Head of Operations


When we started working together in November 2020, the ORS website had a health score of 34, which we were able to raise to 92 in May 2021 through a thorough review of the site.


So far, we have helped with three webinars. Everything from setting up a registration page, advertising on LinkedIn and feeds of communication to participants. Interest has been high, with over 1600 sign-ups for the various events.

Contitude's experience and expertise in digital marketing has been central to our development in inbound marketing. They have demonstrated solid experience in topics such as technical SEO, marketing automation and digital marketing on various platforms.
Morten Nilstad Pettersen
Head of Operations

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