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Questback helps companies become smarter, faster, reduce costs and take control of the entire feedback process. With solutions for employee experience, customer experience and market research, you can gather valuable insights to drive data-driven decisions. Employee experience, customer experience and market research solutions help you gather valuable insights to drive data-driven decisions. Take advantage of the latest in text analytics and AI, whether you need help with employee experience, customer experience or market insights. All in one platform with an intuitive interface. People matter. Get their insights.


Questback is an established company that has developed and expanded its solutions and wanted to take a new approach to its marketing. Many people are only familiar with parts of the range and one challenge was to reach out with all the solutions and the value of these, as well as showcasing their expertise and the support the company offers. As Questback operates in several countries, the challenge was to create content in the Nordic languages that was of the right quality and adapted to the local markets. As Questback wanted to take a fresh approach to their marketing to communicate in line with theirs, they also lacked a structure and a plan for how they wanted to work with marketing activities on an ongoing basis.


Structuring the production of marketing activities, building awareness and spreading knowledge about the range of solutions, driving traffic to the website, increasing the number of qualified leads, setting up metrics to follow up new marketing activities.

Increased conversion rate on linkedin ads
Increased ctr via google ads
Increased number of visitors to the website

To drive traffic to the website and raise awareness of all the solutions, we set up new ads in Google Ads for the Nordic markets.

To reach Questback's specific target groups and strengthen brand awareness in the Nordic countries, LinkedIn ads have been created.

Questback has several interesting events during the year and to drive more traffic and interest around these events, content is created on the same themes as the events.

As Questback has taken a new approach to communication as a whole, graphic elements have been developed for use in different channels. Search engine optimized content about their different solutions has also been developed to clarify the value of the solutions and drive organic traffic.

Things we do:

  • Advertising through Google Ads and LinkedIn
  • Search engine optimised content production in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish
  • Design of guides, customer cases, advertising material and exhibition material such as stand walls

We feel that we have found a good structure for our marketing activities and Contitude is flexible when we need to change the plan. We work closely together and have time for more activities that help us achieve our goals.
Yaya Selva
Nordic Marketing Manager

We have increased the conversion rate of LinkedIn ads by 14% through optimisation measures.

By optimising the Google Ads ads, we have increased CTR by 13%.

In the first 6 months of our partnership, we helped increase traffic to the website by 42.8%.

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