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Servisec is an innovative company in the security industry. They focus on service through and through in all their security, surveillance, parking, environmental and waste management services. The company also has a strong commitment to creating a safer society and this permeates everything from their recruitment process to partnerships.


Servisec enlisted our help right from the start as there was no logo or website in place. The company's initial challenge was to set their graphic design language. More recently, their focus has shifted and now the biggest challenge is keeping up with and maintaining all the different marketing activities.


Learn more and get inspired, Simplify the sales process, Get more customers, Be seen on Google when someone searches for their services

We at Contitude have helped Servisec with everything from creating their logo, graphic profile and website to now acting as an extra arm to Marie their marketing manager.

To facilitate the sales process, we have integrated a CRM and marketing automation system with the website. The system simplifies the structure for the sales people while helping to capture hot leads for the sales department. We help Servisec update and maintain the system to ensure it works at its best.

Through content production and ongoing SEO optimization, we work continuously to optimize their visibility in search engines like Google.

We have regular check-ins where we analyse and review progress and plan future activities.

Things we do:

  • Created graphic profile, logo, templates & guides
  • Photograph
  • Built website & ongoing maintenance
  • Creating content
  • Social media advertising
  • marketing automation
  • Analysis & brainstorming

For me, Contitude and Erika, the responsible project manager, are A-O for me and the company to meet today's requirements for digital marketing communication and presence. For me, there is time to focus on content and the common thread in our communication
Marie Tjeder
Marketing & Communication

The sales process is now more structured and salespeople can both add their own customers and keep in touch with them in a clear way. The marketing automation system helps to keep in touch with and attract new potential customers with the help of guides and other downloadable content.

Servisec is increasingly visible in Google search results, at trade fairs, on social media and in traffic with their beautiful branded cars.

Marie, who has a lot going on around her all day, now has someone to relieve her and help her with all the marketing activities.

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