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The Healthylane service, developed by Certico, is a digital health service that prevents absenteeism and strengthens the health of employees. The Healthylane digital platform makes it easy for companies to get an overview of their health situation and to address deficiencies in a timely manner to improve health and reduce absenteeism.


There are several big players in digital health so one of the challenges has been, as for so many of our clients, to strengthen the brand to build trust and in turn get more customers.


When Contitude came into the picture in September 2019, the big goal was to increase the number of customers.

More visitors to the website
Blog post


We have focused on three elements; traffic to the website, conversion opportunities and a system where it is easy for sellers to take care of all new potential customers.

To drive traffic to the website, we have continuously filled the blog with relevant SEO-adapted content. We have also actively worked with Certico's Linkedin channel to drive additional traffic to the website.

In order to manage traffic in the best possible way, we set up conversion points and created downloadable material in the form of guides and checklists.

From the very beginning of our collaboration, we also set up the structure for a marketing automation system, a system that easily integrates marketing activities with the sales department.

Things we do:

  • Driving traffic to the website
  • Conversion points
  • marketing automation
"Initially, we looked at three players to work with. As this was not within our comfort zone or expertise, it was important to us that the supplier could listen to our needs and challenges and then explain in an understandable way how the supplier would go about helping us to succeed. It then became obvious for us to choose Contitude. Our contacts are professional, come up with great ideas, are clear and always deliver."
Elisabeth Eriksson


First of all, we needed to increase traffic to the website. Working on SEO takes time. It's about continually filling your website with relevant SEO-friendly content that is continuously indexed by Google. In November 2019, the site had 75st users; by May 2021, the number of users had increased to 727st, an increase of 870%.

The advantage of SEO is that once content is created, it can live on its own and continue to drive traffic to the website for years to come. Below you can see the positive trend that has taken place in our first year and a half with Healthylane. You can see that as Healthylane's website has been exposed more and more, it has also led to more clicks and visitors to the website.

Google Analytics result

When it comes to conversions and potential new customers, we have been actively working with CTAs (call to actions) on the website. Based on the forms we set up, between January 2020-May 2021 we received 97 leads. As soon as someone filled in a form, the sales department received a notification and then contacted the person to process the potential customer further.


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