Measurable result-driven marketing

Scalable competency for your marketing department

What if you could get all the competencies you need for your marketing department from one partner? Using competent local project manager, we complement the resources you have.


We can support your company with everything you need to scale your marketingactivities. No matter if this is design, web development, video, text or digital marketing!We work with you for the long haul. Our Marketing-as-a-Service model gives you easy access to all the skills du need for your company to succeed in your marketing.


Choosing us will give you a partner that works closely with you to reach and surpass your goals.

How does Contitude work with your marketing department?

Our dedicated local marketing strategists collaborate with you to reach your goals. We have hand-picked experts across the globe to ensure you have all the skills you need for success. Together with you and your company we work to reach your marketing goals.


Initial phase

We invest time in getting to know your company. To understand and supplement your market strategy and marketing plan, we need insight into your organization. What are the company’s goals and vision? How do you as a company communicate through your channels and what are your target groups? We go through these questions together to get to know you as immediately. That way we can, quick and efficiently become a complementary resource to your marketing department.

Analysis & strategy

We go through your website and your social channels and make an assessment of what can be done to create more value. We look at your challenges together to find the best approach to reach your goals. Whether it is conversion optimization on your website, search engine optimization, marketing campaigns and much more. We take a holistic approach and are a resource that steps in where needed.



Do you want to create content that engages and converts – for example, blog articles or video? Do you want to redesign the website to increase the conversion? Our skilled marketing strategists implement strategic activities, with the help of a wide network of experts in, for example, copy, video animation, graphic design and web development and much more.


Evaluation & optimization

After implementation we will continue to measure, test and optimize the results. An important part of developing a good marketing strategy is to always improve. Thus, our marketing strategists track your results and find the best and most effective marketing investments for your business.


What value can we add?

We are result oriented!


How to achieve good results varies from business to business. That’s why we focus on yourgoals. Do you want more traffic to your webpage? Or do you want an engaging andinformative animated video? What about social media ads targeted towards those whoactually are looking for your product? Do you need to optimize your webpage for mobile Or are you more interested in relevant traffic to your webpage or interested in testing inbound marketing principles?


Our marketing strategists work closely with you to get to know you and your challenges. Our expertise fits any marketing needs. We have hand-picked experts in all marketing fields from across the globe who are ready for any marketing challenge. Regardless if it is web development, digital or traditional marketing, design, content production and much more.

Why choose Contitude?


We start quick, are proactive in the collaboration, and continue to work toward your business goals with you and your challenges in focus.


We tailor our approach to you, not the opposite. Our partners communicate with our skilled marketing strategists who focus on your results.


We put in the extra work to deliver the best results that create value for your business.

Fly by for a cup of coffee!

Is there anything more fun than discussing business goals, growth ambitions, marketingdreams and 5-year plans? Fly by for a cup of coffee and dream big with us.