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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.The short explanation is that SEO or search engine optimization is the work that you do to try to influence the ranking of your pages in search engines (eg Google).

A search engine like Google acts as a registry of all the websites that exist. Its job is to match the search term you type into the search box, with the website that Google thinks has the absolute best answer to your search term. At present, Google is the most widely used search engine; each search is a person looking for something specific. The goal of SEO is to be visible to those who are looking for something that you and your business can offer!

The difference between SEO and SEM

A distinction is made between SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing). SEO is organic traffic and SEM is paid advertising.

When searching on Google, it is clear in the search results what is an advertisement and what are organic results.

The ads are always marked as "Ad" to distinguish the hit from the organic flow.

The benefit of SEO

You don't pay for organic clicks, and if you work really well with SEO, your links will appear for a long time in the search results. Getting clicks for many years without having to pay anything is beneficial in the long run.

That's one of the reasons why many people today focus on SEO - it's cost-effective and works for the long term.

In case you want to learn more about the basics of SEO and its benefits, I suggest you read more in our blog post here.

How do I get started with SEO as a beginner?

It can be challenging to know where to start in the deep jungle that is SEO. To sharpen your SEO skills, here are some basic pillars to take away and immerse yourself in.

  • Indexing
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Meta title and meta descriptions
  • Link

Creating interesting and relevant content related to your business is important. If your content isn't up to scratch and visitors aren't attracted to your message, your technical SEO efforts won't matter much as you're likely to lose the visitor.Keeping the focus on just one topic per landing page is something that you should always aim for. It should be simple for the visitor, and they should quickly understand what the page is about. A good structure on your website will help with this. For example, if you have 4 different services, you should have a collection page where the services are listed. The visitor can then go to the sub-page for each service.Here are 10 quick SEO tips to get you started!

How does Google rate your website?

The search engine indexes and checks the main content of each page and looks at a few different factors such as:

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Quantity and quality of content
  • Information about the website and the creator of the content
  • What is the reputation of the website and what is the reputation of the content creator
  • Interaction visitors have with your page

Since 2018, Google has been using an additional method that places great emphasis on the truthfulness and reliability of content. It is therefore even more important to quality assure your content and offer your future customers the best content!

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthyness)

Expertise: does the author of a piece of content have the necessary skills and knowledge in their field?

Authority: is this the best source to answer the searcher's question, or is there another source that might be better?

Reliability: does the writer present impartial and honest content?

The bottom line is to produce quality over quantity. Make sure to provide solid and interesting information to the visitor! If you want to delve deeper into how search engine evaluation is done, you can do so here on Google's website.

What is technical SEO?

As we have discussed, the most important thing is to have good content on your site. But now that you've produced appealing, relevant content, how do you move forward, you may ask?

At Contitude, we believe that the 5 most important elements of technical SEO are:

  • Meta description
  • Page title
  • URL
  • Page speed
  • Internal link

Why you should use Google Search Console

In Google Search Console, you can see which keywords you appear for in Google's search results. You can get a good overview of which ones you already appear on and which ones you don't appear on at all. You can also see where you rank in the search results. This tool will help you analyse what keywords your content should be about. Making data-driven decisions will help your organic traffic grow!

Here are some examples of what Google Search Console will help you with:

  • Google Search Console helps you see how your website appears on Google.
  • You can see what kind of traffic the website gets from Google search results.
  • You will find out what opportunities are available to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • You can deal with different types of security issues and so-called penalties from Google.
  • You can request faster indexing for different pages through manual handling.
  • You can submit an XML sitemap through Google Search Console so that Google can more easily read the content of your website.

Learn more about how Google Search Console will help you in your journey towards more organic traffic here!

Why should you get help with SEO?

  • At Contitude, we can help you all the way to success with your SEO work!
  • We have the knowledge and keep up with rapid change
  • Search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving work and it is important to keep up to date with the changes that are continuously taking place in this field. At Contitude, we work with search engine optimization on a daily basis and therefore have the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest updates from Google and the latest trends in SEO.
  • As your SEO provider, Contitude will help you find and select the keywords you should focus on for maximum results and the right kind of traffic to your website.
  • Are you going to start blogging? At Contitude, we know what you should be writing about. We can even help you create the content itself!

Unlike SEM (advertising on Google, for example), SEO work requires a long-term approach, as results will not appear overnight. We keep the flame burning and make sure the work continues to achieve the best possible results. Once the results come, it's clearly worth it. Because it will be the most profitable and long-term lead generator you can find! Contitude has offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo but helps clients across the Nordic region to succeed with their digital marketing.

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How do we work with you as a client when it comes to SEO?

Keyword analysis

Before we start working on keyword optimisation, we will carry out a keyword analysis together with you to look at the current situation. We will review search volumes and indications of how difficult/easy it is to rank high on the keywords relevant to your target audience. This results in a report with the keywords you should be ranking for and a plan for how to move up the rankings for each keyword.

SEO analysis of your

We then go further in the analysis work and do a full SEO analysis of your website. There we go through the technical details that Google includes in their assessment of a website and develop a plan for what should be fixed and improved.

Plan for
content production

What allows Google to rank a website is that there is content that Google can index. Therefore, content needs to be continually created that is adapted for SEO for the previously selected keywords. In this step, we set up a plan for what content should be produced and published in order to be indexed in the best way on, for example, Google.

Reporting and
performance monitoring

Of course, all SEO work should be monitored! We'll make sure you get reports on how the work has gone and what the results have been. These reports are tailored to the goals you have set and the metrics that are important for you to track.

How much do you need to invest in SEO to see results?

It clearly depends on what your goals are and what results you want to see. SEO is a long-term effort for those who want to continually drive traffic and bring in more business.

It also depends on the types of keywords you focus on and the language in which you want to be indexed.

The norm in our opinion is that companies invest too little in SEO compared to SEM, for example. It tends to be easier for companies to spend money on e.g. Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). There you can easily calculate the return on investment. Suppose you spend 50 000 SEK per month on Google Ads and it generates business or leads worth 150 000 SEK, it is clearly worth the investment. At the same time, just as many leads and business often come from organic traffic. How many more leads and business do you think you would get if you spent the same amount on search engine optimisation and especially over a longer period of time?

You can stay at the top of organic results for years and get hundreds of thousands of clicks on organic results, all thanks to great SEO work. But it doesn't cost for every click. As soon as you stop paying for e.g. Google Ads, this kind of SEM traffic to your website stops.

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What does it cost to use Contitude?

Before we can give you a price on what it will cost you to use our services, we need to carry out an analysis and, above all, go through what your goals are with your marketing work. Based on your objectives and your current situation, we can set a price for the activities that will lead to the achievement of your objectives.

What affects the price?

The main factors affecting the price are your objectives and your current situation. Then there's how much you can do in-house and how much you need an external provider to help you.

Why work with Contitude?

We at Contitude work daily with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at both an operational and strategic level. We have experience from several different industries and companies, which means that we can quickly get started so that you can see results. With the help of our large network of experts, we also have the opportunity to work with SEO in several different languages.

A digital marketing strategist from Contitude will be your dedicated SEO specialist with whom you can always share ideas and thoughts. Then we take this to production. In order for your SEO work to meet your marketing and sales goals, work needs to be done. Start your search engine optimization journey today.

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