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Working with content is an important factor for SEO, as it strengthens the authority of the website and allows you to actually appear on the keywords you want. It also helps to build trust within the industry through knowledge sharing and can also be used to generate warm leads. Often, unfortunately, this important activity is given low priority due to lack of time, resources or lack of ideas.


Incooperation with us, we develop activities and quality assure with the help of your dedicated marketing strategist. In our network we have several types of writers in different industries and languages. This allows us to easily understand you and thus start producing content that you can vouch for.


Whether you're looking for a Copywriter, Writer, Ghostwriter, Blog, Copywriting or SEO Writer, Contitude has the right match for you.

Do you work across several countries? We write and translate in the Nordic languages as well as English so you don't have to look for multiple suppliers.

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More services
Analysis and implementation of search engine optimization.
Google Ads
We set up, maintain and measure your advertising.
We help you create different types of videos.
Social Media
We are social and like digital.
marketing automation
We help you create and maintain your flows.
Our process

A cooperation with us always starts with an independent feasibility study. In the feasibility study, we carry out a detailed analysis of your existing website, current activities and channels and formulate measurable goals to work towards together with you. Read more about the feasibility study here.


Our team of experienced digital marketing strategists will ensure that the strategy is implemented and that all the tools to measure and evaluate the work are in place. Drawing on a wide network of global experts - including copy, SEO, Ads, social media, video animation, graphic design and web development - we take strategy from plan to action


The feasibility study results in qualified recommendations and a sustainable marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. The strategy is based on the specific activities you should focus on to achieve your goals and how these activities should be carried out for the best possible results.

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