Search Engine Optimization
Parts of what we do:
  • Technical SEO Analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Customer journey and personas
  • Production of texts
  • Optimization of texts
  • Content analysis


Search visibility is one of the most important marketing activities today as the majority of purchase decisions are initiated through a search engine. Search engine optimization helps you to be seen better and more, on the right keywords, to meet your potential customer where the customer is.


Together with us at Contitude, we will develop an action plan to improve your current SEO and how you will be visible on the keywords that are relevant to you in order to meet your customers' queries through situational content.

We analyse and fix the technical stuff and look at how your target audience searches to find out which keywords work best for you. Based on this, we help you develop content at all stages of the buying process for both single keywords to longer search phrases.

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More services
Optimisation and production of content to drive traffic.
Google Ads
We set up, maintain and optimise your advertising.
Planning and execution of all types of video production.
Social Media
We are social and like digital.
marketing automation
We help you create and maintain your flows.
Our process

A cooperation with us always starts with an independent feasibility study. In the feasibility study, we carry out a detailed analysis of your existing website, current activities and channels and formulate measurable goals to work towards together with you. Read more about the feasibility study here.


Our team of experienced digital marketing strategists will ensure that the strategy is implemented and that all the tools to measure and evaluate the work are in place. Drawing on a wide network of global experts - including copy, SEO, Ads, social media, video animation, graphic design and web development - we take strategy from plan to action


The feasibility study results in qualified recommendations and a sustainable marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. The strategy is based on the specific activities you should focus on to achieve your goals and how these activities should be carried out for the best possible results.

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