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We are a digital marketing agency that helps B2B companies grow! We offer all the expertise you need in one provider with our Marketing as a Service model.
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of B2B purchases start with a Google search
lower LAC for companies that consistently work with inbound marketing
ROI for companies that work long-term with inbound marketing
more effective conversion of leads for companies with an inbound strategy
MAAS - Marketing As a Service

At Contitude, we work long-term with you
as a customer in a subscription form - which is clear, cost-effective and resource-efficient.

Headhunting agency Closers
600% ROI through Inbound marketing - Webinar with Closers

Closers is a headhunting agency that recruits B2B salespeople and sales managers in Sweden using 100% outreach methods to attract the best candidates. Together with us at Contitude, we have managed to create an incredible result through inbound marketing.

Measurable objectives

We work with measurable marketing and help you as a customer to make decisions based on your own data. We monitor the results of marketing activities on an ongoing basis to make decisions that help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Funnel

We work on the basis of the "market funnel" and offer services that cover all steps of the funnel; Attract, Engage, Convert and Nurture. It's about reaching the target audience at every stage of the customer journey, building trust and guiding them to conversion.

Flexible monthly subscriptions

We create a tailor-made approach with a clear activity plan based on your needs. We can also scale the subscription up and down along the way, as your needs change. We grow together!

How do I get started?

Contact us to book a meeting, in person or online. We ask questions about your business, your goals and how you work today. We start our collaboration with a feasibility study to develop a strategy and clear recommendations. Then we set up an activity plan and get started. If you want to read more about our feasibility study, feel free to click here. It is not more difficult than that!

Analysis and implementation of search engine optimization.
Optimisation and production of content to drive traffic.
Google Ads
We set up, maintain and optimise your advertising.
marketing automation
We help you create and maintain your flows.
Planning and execution of all types of video production.
Social Media
We are social and like digital.

Ongoing set-up

Per month
SEO optimized blog posts
Social media publishing
Marketing automation workflow
Paid advertising
Conversion optimization
Technical SEO optimisation
Digital Strategy & Analysis
Example price
0 000 kr


Contitude's team consists of digital strategists and an extended team of experienced specialists. As a client, you will have a dedicated digital strategist who will project manage the collaboration and drive the marketing forward.

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"Thanks to the cooperation with Contitude, we have been able to create an efficient sales and marketing function that generates more revenue for the company"
Robert Conzato
CEO - Headhunting agency Closers
"Initially, we looked at three players to work with. As this was not within our comfort zone or expertise, it was important to us that the supplier could listen to our needs and challenges and then explain in an understandable way how the supplier would go about helping us to succeed. It then became obvious for us to choose Contitude. Our contacts are professional, come up with great ideas, are clear and always deliver."
Elisabeth Eriksson
"Contitude knows their industry and is always there for support, questions and concerns alongside their elegant evolution forward. Warm recommendations!"
Petra Hansson
Marketing Supervisor
Contitude complements us with its expertise and always finds solutions to the challenges we face. They take the pressure off my work and I always have someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off when I feel stuck.
Terese Hedin
Marketing Manager
We feel that we have found a good structure for our marketing activities and Contitude is flexible when we need to change the plan. We work closely together and have time for more activities that help us achieve our goals.
Yaya Selva
Nordic Marketing Manager
For me, Contitude and Erika, the responsible project manager, are A-O for me and the company to meet today's requirements for digital marketing communication and presence. For me, there is time to focus on content and the common thread in our communication
Marie Tjeder
Marketing & Communication

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