MaaS - Marketing
as a Service

We help companies with complex sales processes to create a data-driven marketing function that generates revenue. We specialize in designing sales-driven marketing strategies, helping sales and marketing teams to work together towards the common business goals.

Marketing as a Service is a model developed based on our clients' needs and challenges. Through experienced digital strategists, together with a team of specialists, we can create and execute strategies that help you achieve your goals and improve your performance.

Our subscriptions are flexible, resource and cost-effective, and customized to your goals and needs. Want to know more about MaaS? Book a meeting with us!

Our process

Growth strategy

A collaboration with us starts with a growth strategy. In this work, we conduct a detailed analysis of your existing digital presence, current activities and channels, and together with you formulate measurable goals to work towards. Read more about the growth plan here.


Our team of experienced digital marketing strategists ensure that the strategy is implemented and that all the tools to measure and evaluate the work are in place. With our team of specialists - including copy, SEO, Ads, social media, video animation, graphic design and web development - we take the strategy from plan to action.


The feasibility study results in qualified recommendations and a sustainable market strategy adapted to your specific needs and conditions. All this in line with achieving your business objectives. The strategy is based on the specific activities you should focus on to achieve your goals and how these activities should be carried out for the best possible results.

Monthly recurring subscription

With a team of digital strategists and specialists, we work with your deliverables, optimisation, analysis and evaluation on an ongoing basis. We work long-term to help you achieve your goals and create the growth you seek. Our monthly subscriptions are tailored to your specific needs and you as a client always have a dedicated contact person who works proactively to constantly improve your results.

With us you get

Own team of specialists

By combining a digital marketing strategist with a team of specialists, we can meet many of your needs in a flexible and efficient way. We call this unique model Marketing as a Service.

Flexible monthly subscriptions

Our customers really appreciate our way of working as we offer a flexible monthly plan that is designed according to our customers' needs.

Dedicated contact person

As a client, you will always have a dedicated digital marketing strategist as your contact person. This person will get to know you and the company as well as your customers. Then different experts are brought in based on your needs and goals.


Transparency is one of our watchwords and therefore we always report continuously how your efforts are performing. What goes well and what goes less well. Based on the data, we help you optimise your digital marketing.

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