600% ROI through Inbound marketing - Webinar with Closers

Closers is a headhunting agency that recruits B2B salespeople and sales managers in Sweden using 100% outreach methods to attract the best candidates. Together with us at Contitude, we have managed to create an incredible result through inbound marketing.


Closers wanted to streamline their sales to generate more business opportunities through inbound marketing.


The aim was to increase presence with existing and potential customers and to generate more warm leads.

Increase in number of leads
Increase in traffic to the website
Proportion of visitors who become leads

Together with Robert who is the CEO of Closers and Nicolina who is a digital strategist here at Contitude, we recorded a webinar where we go through the marketing journey that we made together. We talk about the state of play before we started working together, how we set up the strategy, what activities we did and what KPIs we chose to focus on. We talk about the success factors and give you lots of handy tips.

Watch the video below! Enjoy!

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"Thanks to the cooperation with Contitude, we have been able to create an efficient sales and marketing function that generates more revenue for the company"
Robert Conzato
CEO - Headhunting agency Closers

Through long-term and close cooperation, we have managed to achieve a 600% ROI on marketing efforts. Working together for 2.5 years with a focus on continuous improvement has been a recipe for success. Creating great results takes time but it requires perseverance and courage to try new things.

If you are interested in working with inbound marketing, you are more than welcome to contact us at Contitude! We'd love to chat with you if you have any thoughts or concerns.

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